Vivian DeRosa’s Poetry

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Vivian DeRosa’s Poetry

Love Poem for Someone I Have Not Yet Met

I trust that your hands will be the books
I’ve reread so often the spine has splintered,
so when I trace the lines
of your palms,
I’ll find dog-eared adventures
and I won’t close the book
mid chapter
like all the other novels
because this time
I’ll already know
how it ends.
and your mouth will be the flower
petal lips blooming to say something
then retreating back into the ground
This is where I will find you:
encased with unspoiled soil and silence
waiting underground
until the noise subsides
and then we will turn
our flower stems into trunks
and quietly rise
claiming each
slope of sea
and sleeping mountain
as our own.
We will buy each other trees instead
of flowers
and put them into vases with triangle patterns
Our reflection in it
turns us into shards
Your shoulder leaning on my ankle
my hands tightening on your scalp
a menagerie of body parts and worship
fragments of each of us
colliding together.
the more they shatter us
the more we break into
each other.

Vivian Parkin DeRosa is a writer, poet, blogger, intern at Project Write Now, and she is currently completing her first novel.

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