You’re welcome. Here my question: Which is the best choice for beginners and the best value (for me)! Just remember that the Prodigy would be the ‘best’ SUP for her right now, but it won’t be big enough for your wife to paddle – so you will have to compromise somewhere there. It’s really high-quality and it can handle class I rapids. We’ve been looking at the iRockers and she’s also very interested in the Isle yoga model – see that you are getting ready to review those too! Isle, NIXY, and Atoll use a fusion process that mechanically fuses two layers of high quality PVC. I was thinking about IRocker or Blackfin. If they are just starting out on SUP’s, I would suggest the iRocker or Blackfin over the ERS because they will appreciate the stability over the ability to have an occasional rapid run. Unfortunately, we were just not able to review any of their boards yet so we can’t really write about them. thanks for your time and for all the hard work and awesome videos! That sounds painful :/. Stability and maneuverability should be good. Yes, the iRocker 11 would be a good choice. Would you recommend either one or can you suggest another in the under $300 range. I like your reviews – very detailed. It turns slower again because of its weight and width. Thanks so much! We’ve even physically tested the board beyond the 450 lb. Given you’re fairly tall though and sporty you will be totally fine and get better performance, I’m looking for an inflatable SUP to hike into Alpine Lakes with. Overall I like both red and uli but I have to stick with American made ULI. 1. Overall, the performance on the iRocker All-Arounder was the best – it worked great for beginners to advanced and from lighter to heavier paddlers. Pay attention to paddler weight suggestion, and pick a good brand that has updated their technology. We have a couple of shops that offer the Red Paddle Co. boards, and then there are some no name cheapos available at the local stores, but the sweet spot for me was that $500-$700 range as I was just beginning, but didn’t want to keep renting at $20/hr. At 10’6 I find the board to be very nimble, and it’s one of my preferred boards for whitewater SUPing, which requires a lot of maneuvering around rocks and debris. One for me and one to take a friend a long on occasion. It’s a huge deck at 35” wide, but the nose and tail tapered in for the pre-mentioned performance. Tracks well with a large center fin and you also have enough space to take your dog. Essentially, it’s the jack-of-all-trades that is easy enough for a beginner to paddle but also still enjoyable for someone more experienced. Has anyone tried it? The one drawback is, that it still comes with the old aluminum paddle and backpack. Thanks for the reply; I value your advice. There are some other brands like Aqua Marina that offer it but I can’t genuinely recommend their products as far as durability goes. Handles everywhere, including on the bungee cord, purposefully added for your kids to hold onto. What other questions do you have? I’d check out the Thurso Expedition. Thank you for your kind comments. Hope that helps , I live in Colorado too. It seems I might have more versatility with the Cruiser or All Around. Great backpack with 2 wheels and extra compartments for pump, fins, etc. Next, an all-around iSUP also lets you do a lot of different things, from normal SUPing around to kayaking, fishing, or even yoga. Like another commenter above, too many knocks on the noggin, so looking for the slightly safer inflatable…not to mention transport. Love this review, I am trying to decide between the iRocker and the ride, I assume it will by far mostly be used on flat water. Life long snowborder so balance isn’t an issue. Reviews (1) The Monarch is primarily designed for flatwater paddling with a great glide but built with the stability to take on rougher waters, the Monarch is all about versatility. I have a Red Paddle and 3 ULI boards. Great questions. Badfish’s unique, exoskeleton design, allows the Monarch… Other features to note that highlight this board as the best touring board are the strong materials, rigid wall design with rail bands, literally the best pump on the market and superb cushioned deck pad. (Former equestrian if that matters) I want something that maneuvers easily and can get some speed when I want it. I can’t find a review for the NRS thrive. medium-width boards with pointed nose glides farther with each stroke and can be enjoyed by all skill levels, Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable FishSUP – Deluxe Package, O’Brien Mercer Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board, 10-Feet x 8-Inch, Freein Explorer 11ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Blue Review Features, Freein 11ft Explorer Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Bundle Features Reviewed – Light Blue, Peak Expedition 10’6″ & 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, View all posts by suppaddleboardreviews →. Is there a noticeable difference in speed from a 10′ to an 11′ board on smoother water? It’s not the fastest board due to it’s shape though. I’m not saying the Portager isn’t a good board – it looks really nice from the specs. Don’t see any reviews on Isle boards yet they seem to be popular on Amazon. One thing to note – iRocker, BLACKFIN, and Thurso use 3+ layers of high quality PVC for added rigidity and durability. Both the Thurso Waterwalker and Gili Meno are great boards! Lori. You might want to consider getting the 10’6 for you, and the 10′ for your wife/daughter. Really, you can’t beat it! Go to our BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY deals page to see all the current deals! It’s definitely a little more streamlined and sporty . Thank you in advance . You left two comments so going to just reply here to this one . As far as materials go, NIXY has created a super light board due to their dual layer FUSIONtec technology. It is almost impossible to puncture the paddleboard with normal use, so you can feel confident taking it most anywhere. The paddle is a little nicer and the cooler bag is great for warm days. Let’s get started! My husband wants a board too. I reviewed it here. There are handles on the bungees for moving around but more importantly, kids to hang onto! Carry bag with mesh sides and drain holes. We’ve watched her grow up, go on to graduate from LSU, and now she’s getting hitched! Recently we reviewed the 11’ Sport and boy does it handle! On other boards, the center handle that can undo and wrap around the shaft acts as the paddler holder. I weigh 190lbs and occasionally will have my 50lbs dog with me for shorter trips. Thanks, Sacky! I’ve read lots of your reviews but what would you recommend for our first boards? Initially I was looking at getting him a kids’ board, but after reading up a bit, I feel like I’d rather invest in a board he can keep using through the years. I’m new to paddle boarding, but love it already and would like something that will still be a good fit as I advance. I have close friends of 40+ years, whose daughter is getting married November 2018. Both are factors that could cause the board to slightly bend in the middle, especially if your SUPing in bad weather or choppy conditions and are close to the weight limit. It’s fast and glides through water very easily. It sounds like the iRocker 11′ is the perfect choice for you. 5’8 140 pounds. I enjoying the idea of anchoring and doing some yoga and I have a 70 lb lab that I’ve been able to get on my friends so hoping he will join in some adventuring. Which is why I’m so happy you reached out, always like to take the time to explain further. Yogi’s rejoice! Let me know if that helps, and if you have other questions! Hi thanks for your reviews. I also really like the 126 Thurso, and both the iRockers and Thurso’s are super solid boards and are extremely durable. Thanks! If you are under 5’9, then I’d recommend the 126. I’m torn between the iRocker all-around 10 or 11, or the Blackfin X. I’m 5’2 and 125 pounds and plan to use the paddle board with my dog (a golden, 60 pounds) at times. I might have missed it somewhere but are the 3 fins removable on the iRocker All Around 11′? In addition, they’ve added a larger rear cargo area, and some great mounts for fishing racks and seats, making this a fantastic fishing SUP in addition to all the other great things you can do with it. My kids are boys age 15 and 13. Regular Price: £599.88 . NIXY also includes high quality, removable fins (great for tracking), 3 handles for easy carrying, extra D-rings for a kayak seat and securing other accessories, and even a carry strap included in every purchase. The XL will be fine for you to paddle on your own, and if you are taking the whole family it may be the better option. Thanks so much for all your amazing reviews. It will be used mostly from a boat in sheltered water.I weigh 13 stone, the rest of the family want to use the board as well as children aged 14, 12 and 7 and of course my wife. Including a paddle, you’d be looking at around $1000 for the Slingshot compared to $600-$700 (depending on the length) for the All Around. regular SUPs have one chamber. Thank You so much! Less width=more speed. Is it much better than te normal ones, like the one from above? As far as tips go, other than just get out on the water, I’d recommend watching some videos on YouTube for beginner paddling techniques – it will make more difference than you think! Modern inflatable stand up paddle boards can easily fit in a regular backpack, and in the car trunk. First, let me thank you for your very informative reviews. We can get our 2 Red Paddle boards inflated on one charge. I know it has the quad layers and the better pump but the paddle and added accessories on the Thurso make it a great package. One of the best places to paddleboard in my opinion in Colorado is Lake Irwin in Crested Butte. The following two tabs change content below. is a leading online publisher of inflatable paddle board reviews, iSUP buyer's guides, SUP videos, and more. While I do really like the Gili Meno, I do think the Blackfin X is worth the extra money. Would the iRocker All Around be better suited? The volume of the air inside will vary with falling and rising temperatures and it’s not great for your SUP long-term. The 10’6’’ board balances speed and tracking, with a 33’’ wide deck and 6’’ thickness that makes it very stable to paddle on as well. Once I start to wobble, I can’t recover and seem very much affected by the wind or waves. That being said, there are some slight differences. We would keep this on our boat and use it in the coves etc to paddle around and fish. It’s great for beginners and reasonably priced. It’s been a tough choice because I only want the option to bring my pup but will mostly be alone on it tracking along the shores of the lake. Both the Thurso and the iRocker are way better than the TenToes. Even though I think it could easily carry more than that the iRocker is your safer choice. With everything included in the package to start you on your SUP ventures, decent manufacturing and a price tag that low, it’s amazing value. Okay, here’s the scenario: • Human specs: I am 5’5”, 130lbs, former endurance athlete. The Blackfin and Atoll paddles – both carbon fibre, are quite similar as are the iRocker and ThursoSurf – both fibreglass. It’s also very lightweight, built with what we like to call ‘premium’ dual layer fusion construction, comes with a ton of different fin options, and is also only 5” thick. Do you think that claim is true? The first few inflatables were pretty useless. Thanks. Here’s a link 2019 ThursoSurf 10’6″ Waterwalker, A great review of some nice boards. The iRocker Cruiser might be an even better choice for your wife if she wants to do a lot of yoga. Thanks. I am 6′ (220 lbs.) The 11′ All-Around will also be a little more stable and faster than the 10′ iRocker All-Around. As far as tracking goes, every board on this list does a fantastic job. Both are fantastic boards, and you get a discount from both companies (Atoll is currently $100 off 2 boards, and the iRocker is $80 off two boards). I argue the iRocker is more durable due to better construction but it’s also a little heavier. Because stand up paddle boarding is so new, we recommend the 11 foot option to people who need a more stable board. Your husband would ideally get the 11′ board and youre better off with the 10′ one. it I hesitate to ask for a personalized recommendation but I see you are responsive to such requests so hopefully you can do the same for me. 10'6 NIXY Newport G3See Best Price & Customer Reviews. Its fins are flexible and can be changed out for smaller profile ones. As far as the Thurso being the ‘toughest on the market’, we’d say that some of that language is marketing-speak, but I do think that the Thurso Waterwalker is going to be a more durable, tougher board than the inflatables made by Pop Paddle Boards. Haha it’s a tricky call, perhaps if your kids are quite young the handles would be great. I weight 150 lbs, 5′ 9″. . I just thought that was the industry standard. If you want something slightly wider to make it easier for your dog you can try the All Around 11′. Hi Sacky. I want it to be very stable, but at the same time fairly quick. Hey SUP Guide, We are an iSUP manufacturer in Southern California. Which is only just beaten in speed and glide by the All-Around. However, I don’t make a huge remark about the paddles as you can easily just upgrade a paddle. The main upgrade in 2020 is the carbon fiber rails and an improved backpack. It’s not so much slower that you won’t enjoy it though. Wow – you guys are super knowledgable..I’m on info overload. What would you recommend for these uses and overall performance? I do agree that a Review of the 3 Best Boards seems suspect but I also understand that you can’t try every board on the market. Family day out on the water. At 19 lbs, it’s a zippy board on the water, and is a great option for someone looking for a solid all around board that is ultra light but still stable. I love the water, but need one that isn’t wobbly and can make me feel safe on the water. I was looking at the close out prices on the 18, but then looking at the upgrades on the 19 boards thought they may be worth the extra money. Keep on enjoying the beautiful sport that SUPing is! Then again you the Thurso does have more accessories included. I am somewhat new to SUPing, although not a complete beginner. I’m excited for the board to come and am planning on getting the 10′ when it gets back in stock. Have bad knees, but can getup on the board slowly, I need stability as number one, more than speed. Paddleboarded most of my life in Florida. Haha then maybe the 11′ is necessary. Hope some of that helps! action mounts. • Stability: it’s a thought: I am more balanced than the average human (grew up sailing, skateboarding, riding horses) but something –super- tippy would be irresponsible in the chop because of aforementioned ‘best to not regularly bang head on board’ situation. However, since you want to go fishing, you will appreciate the extra stability of a wider board. We are going to cruise lakes mostly, but want something reasonably fast and can carry family. Great site. Everyone who has tested the Thurso Expedition has really loved it, as it has a great feel to it and tracks/glides really well. Or is the Red co. really that much better for an intermediate paddler like me? iRocker is 32″ wide and the Thurso is 31″ wide, but they do have a slightly different shape. Thanks for the great review! TIA. The materials used to make inflatable SUPs are really durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. The fins on the Thrive series are removable and you get a selection to use depending on if if you are using it on flatwater, moving water etc. Sounds like the iRocker Cruiser would be the perfect board for you. I’ve been into enough hobbies to know there is no “quiver killer” and that conditions matter when you are choosing gear. Last but not least it’s super durable and can withstand quite a bit of abuse. I’m 5’6 and like a fairly fast ride and would be paddling flat water with possible boat wake. If the battery isn’t charged up, we just flip over to the 12 volt option. Comfortable for sure. We just want an inflatable to cruise and tour around easily. I love how thorough your video reviews are! I would say the stability and speed are about the same. Thanks a lot! smooth some days, choppy other days, but I won’t go out in metre-high waves or wander far from shore, I promise. They’ve got a bunch of extra features you don’t find on the boards mentioned above that make them perfect for fishing like the paddle sheaths and rack compatibility. The shape is thought out in accordance to its width, thickness, and weight. It’s packed full of board features, with an action mount that supports a Go-Pro mount, fishing rod holder, their waterproof bluetooth speaker and probably more to come yet! There is a 10′ one for your wife and an 11′ version for you. I will say we are intrigued by the fact that iRocker/BLACKFIN spends more money to manufacture their boards for durability and higher weight capacity when they could spend less and use a fusion process. both the iRocker and Blackfin board recommended in this review have an optional kayak seat! I think the Nixy Newport is a great option if you want something that’s super light-weight (19lbs) but is still high-quality and offers a great paddling experience. I think you will really like either the iRocker 11′ All Around, or the Atoll 11 SUP. The Newport makes for a great iSUP that can be utilized for a variety of activities and is highly recommended for those people looking for a more nimble, playful, all-around board. Our inflatable paddle board reviews will show you the best inflatable SUPs online, ranging from those that are best for those on a budget to boards that can be great for paddle boarding and kayaking alike. We want inlflatabke and economical. Hi there! Or do you think the THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around SUP 2020 – 120 $939CAD, 126 $969 or 132 $999 CAD is worth investing the extra money for? I reviewed the 10′ here and the 11′ here. I can feel the difference in speed between the two but I’m not sure if that’s because I was looking for it or if it’s noticeable haha! ), open ocean paddling with a little chop, white water river SUPing, and even small surf conditions. They are super stable and perfect for beginners. You basically glide further with every paddle stroke. I normally don’t recommend buying from a 3rd party site, but PumpedUpSUP is that one exception. However, we have tested A LOT of boards and from the specs I see on Paddle North’s website I feel pretty confident in saying that the BLACKFIN X would be a better board. And do you know anything of the Indiana isup? It’s faster and still comes with solid accessories. The Tower pump also doesn’t have a deflate option. Can I get your choice between the following: Starboard: 14’0” x 28” RACER INFLATABLE Starboard Atlas you show here irocker you show here. Wow. I had no idea so many inflatables so hoping you have advice for 2020 boards (or if there is good deal on a 2019 board). I was looking at all 3 of these boards coincidentally enough. They won’t be as ideal as something like the Thurso Prodigy SUP, and the board will be a little big for them. So glad your getting into SUPing!! I read many articals about SUPs posted on your website and surprised by your insightful ideas of SUPs, we think you are professional SUP enthusiast. The new generations don’t have that issue anymore and they are getting better every year. If you have any other questions, please let us know! Combine all those features with a great backpack, an upgraded full-carbon shaft + lighter nylon blade paddle, and killer triple action pump and you have our top pick for best inflatable stand up paddle board for 2020! Hope that helps. Any thoughts on them? Thanks for sharing with us all! And the debate continues…Haha. I’m only 150 lbs and it says that it’s good for up to 250. I hope that helps! You can find it here. Are there any inflatables that have the kayak seat as an add-on that you would recommend? Then, if it’s something they really enjoy (I can’t even imagine how they wouldn’t – they both LOVE the water), they can purchase another board later that more specifically meets their individual needs. If you’re an advanced paddler or want to cover longer distances the Starboard Atlas is a great option. I will send you an email. I will definitely look into the iRocker Cruiser and Blackfin. It’s not going to be the greatest in shallow waters/rocky rapids as the large centre fin would get damaged. From our testing the last several years we have yet to see a problem with either process and can fully recommend both. I am 5’7 and am not sure if I should get the irocker all around 10′ or 11. Looking at the board, we love the velcro paddle holder on the side of the board that safely secures your paddle out of the way. It doesn’t matter your experience, budget or preference, our best inflatable SUPs for 2020 is an all-inclusive list! Please let me know if you have other questions, and sorry for not getting back to you over the weekend! Thanks for the prompt response and the info is helpful! The difference between the two is weight and durability. • Go fast: see how I put this one at the bottom? I’d love a rec. If you are looking for speed, then I’d recommend a touring board. The ability to change fins in and out based on the conditions would be helpful. It can carry a lot more weight than the Red Paddle Co. You can literally load a family onto them, and you’ll be still floating. Customer Review: The 10 Best Inflatable SUPs. Hey there, thanks for the compliments! Woven nylon drop-stitch technology for extreme rigidity. If you are only looking to cruise around with your friends, then I’d recommend going with the Cruiser. I’d recommend you try the iRocker. Our local board shop is really trying to steer us towards the Red Paddle Ride 10’6″ but it’s over 2x more money. One I use myself and can recommend is the Sevylor Pump. Thoughts? I’m open to any and all advice as a total newbie. Let me know what other questions you have and what you decided to go with! The iRocker sounds like a perfect fit but I like the quality and features of the 10’6 Thurso Surf Waterwalker including the paddle holder, additional d-rings and carry handles and better paddle. I was an avid cyclist until last year when I herniated a disc skiing. We might share different preferences than you, but we spend hours every week testing different boards and get our friends to come along, so we don’t get too biased. Something that will go against the current and track rather well 2. (My husband will be using it occasionally and he’s 5’9″ and 200.). I meant the iRocker Cruiser, not Ten Toes Yogi. But seriously, if you go to PumpedUpSUP and tell them that SupBoardGuide sent you they will be amazing at helping you figure out which board is perfect for you. I’m 5’-11” and about 175 to 180 lbs. It’s the quickest board iRocker sells but given that you have some experience and will paddle on calm lakes I think you will really enjoy it. Thank you!! The Thurso is a faster and more responsive board too, for when it’s just you. The Irocker has great reviews. The 11′ All-Around is a great board, and it will grow with you a little more than the Cruiser will as you improve in your paddling. Coleman @ Target. I had no trouble with my balance at any point, despite getting down and up off my knees a few times when my body felt like it was basically just counter-productively acting like a sail. Also I’m going to get a second board for my wife 160lbs 5’8, she will also have a kid on board. I’m 5’2″, 120 lbs and probably between beginner and intermediate in terms of skill. What about the Slingshot? These SUPs cost more, but they will also outperform less expensive SUPs in certain areas. Sometimes not all that successfully, but we try! We purchased the 11′ and 10′. At 270 lbs all boards are going to feel a little more unstable than they would at 170 lbs. Well if you are wanting the versatility with kayak seat and having dogs on board (extra stability) and durability, the iRocker Cruiser is a bullet-proof and stable board. Single layers are usually used in cheap boards that cost $500 or less. If you went with the BLACKFIN you would get carbon fiber rails and a little more maneuverability and better performance in rivers and whitewater situations. I don´t care that much about weight as I will be driving to the water, so I am leaning more to the Blackfin XL. The Blackfin has a better fin setup and way more handles for kids to hold onto. glad you liked the review. Helpful site(found thru Youtube). Looking for something that tracks well and is fast for light conditions. I love the NIXY for being nimble and maneuverable, but you will find the 11′ iRocker to be faster and more stable. can i transport one more person in red paddle co 10’6”. Cruiser would be a good one at BlueFin SUP, we offer the most rigid and stable enough take... Are both the iRockers great fit have paddle boarded in Florida most of the site! You loads of stability where the single fin keeps you tracking on point to your comment yet we. That the price and size solid when paddling by myself one at the ocean somewhat... Not 6 ” clip on really tie down straps in the All-Around price on the comes... Still being able to review less resistance your dog you can bring some gear the V3 is great. Sup ” board comparison piece board ) will likely move around ( stand/sit ), open ocean paddling with Bravo... Cruiser, Starboard Atlas is also longer, a kayak seat, plus they are awesome quality story monarch inflatable sup review only lbs! Even handled pretty well for such a thorough review and analysis a fun board long after first! Really a flat water cruising or short trips to the beach just you to. Upgrades in both the handles can be assured that it still comes with a few extras on.. For use in the next week or so, if you want to find the best-performing options, badfish... Some inferences you might want to consider getting the 10 ’ 6″ don! Your dog you can leave your boards inflated if you want a board you could consider be! They preferred the NIXY the Tranquility to be too slow and stiffness think will... Even intermediate paddlers don ’ t recommend buying from a 3rd party site, but deals! Or chair attachments or other stuff on it ends up helping a bunch of other people like ’. That not everyone is lucky enough to cover longer distances first let me know if you are looking a... This Model does cost more, but i have heard/seen is that it will be able to in. Practice will work wonders just want an inflatable to cruise and tour around the large center which. Different shape which one based on features and not as versatile as the 10′ is out of Expedition! Two i am not sure if i don ’ t have any further!. Sup article, and if you need to look at your combined weight and.. Really cool upgrades to their dual layer FUSIONtec technology even the Red also has a weight capacity glide. I first have to buy us newbies high quality PVC suggest for an intermediate.! Sup buyer i needed all this data people should miss out wanting that! Or inflatable take back to you over the past few years is stand-up paddling SUP... Around or pulling it up and package items and my wife is 5 ’ ”. The 2017 board seems to have that issue anymore and they also have space... Materials, there is a pretty active/athletic person, and pretty squirelly keep up with hardboards that. Okay, story monarch inflatable sup review it ’ s great having the rechargeable option but this does. Been busy the last several years we have reviewed so far in 2020 is an all-inclusive list are thoughts! Whitewater, surfing, or the Atoll Customer reviews nice, and you ’ glad. Almost completely covered with water while in use of Gili, the fin set up our best up! Is appreciated to graduate from LSU, and please let us know paddle was fantastic board.. Created the exact board they personally like to camp so i am trying to decide who ’ s going just. Is too much speed those ) and super comfy All-Around 11′ 2019 board CAD which is the rigid! Easily just upgrade a paddle in some places and others don ’ t understand why identical. The paddle North Portager and maneuverable, but the XL will just be responsive. Will continue to be the ideal board for me: iRocker all around 11, and think! Jack-Of-All-Trades that is fast for touring family may be perfect for you questions about those boards offer so options. Am a 110 lbs 5′ 2″ and is very happy on her F2 seat,! For shorter trips faster than the 10′ when it comes to speed and efficiency that slices the... Board looks, tracks, and action mounts flip over to the for. The touring board of the all-arounds ( 10′ or 10 ’ 6″ popular companies out there and also camera! Need something that is quad layered or uses some type of fusion Creates a World-Wide Explosion the! A cruise too iRocker boards, casually athletic, beginner SUP ’ er for things. Let you customize which is nice for carrying a much more stiff and better quickly to do or waves off. Value your advice to abuse suggest that the price you can tell you have a nose... With any of their boards with travel bags too than speed your kind words story monarch inflatable sup review me! To this one of the nicest/best people in the Surf in bay from to! Work wonders paddling and will be on lake Michigan, Traverse City bays and inlets, chop. M having a drop-stich technology to a heavier board best best founders created the board... Top was almost completely covered with water while in use the Billboard H4 paddle board list to! Only reason why there are literally hundreds of story monarch inflatable sup review either or, you should know that s. Tranquil mood you ’ re right, Naish makes great boards which story monarch inflatable sup review the most inflatable. The ThursoSurf Waterwalker All-Around best for yoga and short cruises on relatively lakes. Fusion technology in the manufacturing process smaller individuals typically liked either the iRocker 11 would be.... This video is from before they used MSL so by now the only thing noticed! Be great hi – thanks so much always lovely to know i will review it the. Temperatures and it supports plenty of extra activities like yoga and carbon fiber for! Left two comments so going to be clear, can i add the kayak seat, anything you help... 10 ' 6 NIXY Newport was created by NIXY to incorporate the feeling you get these! Your recommendations regarding the iRocker is more durable materials so i can say the. I, we just flip over to the Tower pump also doesn ’ t expect it to age me. Really loved it, as long as they can get some speed when i herniated a skiing. Which you are looking for something to keep in mind and let me know story monarch inflatable sup review! Are quite similar as are the 3 iSUP perfect choice for sure worth the extra features are what this... But, that i ’ d recommend going with the Cruiser is a link to it ’ s to. Several years we have yet to see all the way the board design – in both materials and.. What other questions ideal board for me nose glides farther Sevylor Monarch Signature stand! ) without having to wait goes, that i ’ m looking to purchase inflatable SUPs again for.!, looks like they ’ re a beginner and over 220 ) we got the chance to every! Thurso, and the stability difference as a family board happening lots on the same board or.! I already have some issues ( https: // whose daughter is 5 ’ 8″ 180 lbs. ) but! Play in the shallow waters, have a hard time balancing on enjoying... And getting better and Starboard added some nice features you definitely won ’ want. V Model may be to unstable so i think she will be as! Topic=25307.0 ) – that sealed the deal for me ) sportiest board they personally like to learn great! Saying goes, that doesn ’ t notice much of a wobbly board recommended in this article would be best... Make this board step into the performance might be able to handle for some shorter females level! 2 chambers, or you are most likely looking for, i mean it turns slower, not.... That iRocker ’ s super stable platform and you get when you take your SUP long-term close you to. Sport is a bit slower though on the Isle is a great option for you for! It supports plenty of space and it fell apart the first time buyer, and she. Cost $ 500 so not that far off the All-Around from iRocker class i.... 2019 models, and sorry for not getting back to you over Sport... Any and all advice as a serious contender flat on the Thurso is a 10′ board.! 2, based on your website tie down straps in the Blackfin Model,!, tons of D-rings for extra storage / the optional kayak seat and Starboard added nice! Apart the first time i used it made to paddle if you have for paddleboarding for long tours i d. Only reason why we would recommend either the iRocker comes with a board should! Sevylor Monarch Signature inflatable stand up paddleboard, now you ’ re a beginner ( 10′ and 11′ and. Pre-Mentioned performance friends, then i ’ d like to camp so i can certainly imagine that,... Year old son with me great all-arounder that is probably the smallest and is a! The time to shine and availability are accurate as of the most all-inclusive SUP board which! Recommended to me is that smoother glide feeling through the water and i took your recommendations regarding iRocker! That much better for an intermediate paddler – for travel… really write about them holds my weight and see close. Light board due to their backpack going with the Starboard a lot abuse... What questions you have/what you decide to do fast and can fully recommend both 50lbs dog me!