UNHCR representative for Southern Africa, Clementine Nkweta-Salami, says the South African government has taken great strides to meet its international obligations towards refugees. Litigation is used as a tool to advance our client's rights and to develop African jurisprudence in the field of refugee and immigration law.LHR also undertakes vigorous detention monitoring which documents the human rights abuses suffered by migrants in the detention and deportation process, and advocates for policy reform. The Organization of African Unity (OAU), founded in 1963 as an aspirational pan-African project, started discussions about formulating an African refugee convention just one year after its inception. www.cormsa.org.za/Facebook | Twitter5th floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street, 
Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001, South AfricaTel: +27 11 40 37 560Fax: +27 11 40 37 559Email: infocormsa [dot] org [dot] zaContact People : Roshan Dadoo, Director (roshancormsa [dot] org [dot] za); Sicel’mpilo Shange-Buthane, Executive Director; Thifulufheli Sinthumule, National Programme Coordinator (thifulufhelicormsa [dot] org [dot] za); Gloria Makxeta, Admin/Finance Officer (infocormsa [dot] org [dot] za). Clients are represented in courts ranging from the District Magistrate’s Court to the Constitutional Court. In the light of this, the refugees in the church are highly unlikely to be resettled outside South Africa. Thus the project engages in wide-range consultations with clients where by legal services are offered freely to refugees and asylum seekers on a variety of issues. This is where refugees and asylum seekers are received and are given Intake Forms and cases assigned to the Case Workers depending on the type of case.Common Cases received at the Centre include those denied access to the asylum process; individuals whose applications are denied by the Department of Home Affairs, relatives or friends are detained; those whose human rights have been violated by government officials, those denied access to medical health care; those whose children are unable to access education either due to lack of proper documents or unable to pay the registration and school fees; those who need general social assistance e.g. During the apartheid era, which lasted from 1948-1991, a system of segregation and discrimination against the black population reigned. The Law Clinic at the University of Witwatersrand is operated in conjunction with the Legal Aid Board. Families South Africa (Famsa) Famsa provides counselling and education to help improve marriages and families. Black Sash list information on their website about the rights of refugees and the asylum process in South Africa. If the idea of going overseas to help isn't possible or doesn't appeal to you then in the UK and USA there are lots of organisations working to help refugees which accept help from volunteers. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. The main aim is to facilitate access to basic services such as health care, legal representation, education, training, shelter, trauma counselling, services for minors, etc. As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Their work includes providing legal advice and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers or offering referral services when necessary. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available. Help is offered in a number of ways: transport to other parts of South Africa where refugees … Muslim Refugees Association of South Africa - MRASA is a non profit organisation aimed at uplifting the standards of refugees, religiously, socially, morally and academically. It holds weekly Refugee Legal Clinics in Johannesburg and Durban as well as a fortnightly Refugee Legal Clinic in Pietermaritzburg. http://www.oxfam.org/ Oxfam is a development and relief agency working to end poverty. The IRC’s mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future. NGO Funding - Grant Schemes for NGOs Grants. Click here to see the numbers and origins of refugees hosted by South Africa. In Africa, the refugee crisis is ongoing with millions of internally displaced persons and refugees. UN High Commission for … And we will leave South Africa." Gateway Health Institute, a South African not-for-profit organization, is extending its services to LGBT immigrants seeking asylum in South Africa. The 24th of September, Heritage Day, in South Africa, is reserved as a national public holiday to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions, Immediate release:                                                                                    �, In light of child protection week, as organisations that work with vulnerable children, we call on the South African government to note that the, The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA), Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) and The Scalabrini Center of Cape Town (SCCT) h. Whoops, it looks like you forgot to assign fields to this form. ARESTA also runs quarterly 5 day workshops for 12 women on Domestic Violence training of trainers and quarterly HIV/AIDS training for counselors and caregivers of infected refugees as well as income generating workshops to enable refugees to start businesses. This grassroots non-profit works in Cape Town, South Africa, and focuses on the rights of refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. Tel: +27 33 260 6257Email: louwrukzn [dot] ac [dot] za. In following our core value that 'an exile does not cease to be a human being', our vision is to assist refugees and asylum seekers in legal matters throughout South Africa. A List of 71 of 1997) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) our Headquarter: Port Elizabeth/Eastern Cape province South Africa. In providing our assistance we use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs and our human rights.With a team of 26 people and the revolving help of about 40 volunteers, Scalabrini Centre offers programmes dealing with welfare, training and assistance with access to local services through referrals to schooling, bank accounts, health care, legal representation, qualification accreditation and social assistance. Organisations that have been trying to help the refugees include the Legal Resources Centre, PASSOP, #UniteBehind, More Than Peace, people from … These services are offered to all who come, but particular focus is given to women, children and the elderly. Resettlement is also a durable solution for refugees as well as a demonstration of international solidarity and responsibility-sharing with those countries hosting large numbers of refugees… Founded in 2007 by Zimbabweans living in South Africa, the organisation was a response to asylum seekers fleeing Robert Mugabe and the xenophobia these vulnerable people encountered. It provides information on all steps of the refugee application process in South Africa. Special thanks to Versantus for essential website support, AMERA International, 25 Meadow Way, Theale, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4AU, United Kingdom, refugeeministriescentre [dot] org [dot] za, number of regional offices listed on their website, http://www.wits.ac.za/lawclinic/refugee_unit/11040/refugee_unit.html. Foreign refugees in South Africa now face deportation if they engage in political activities – including around the issues that drove them from their homes in the first place – under rules that came into effect on 1 January. www.refugeeministriescentre.org.zaFacebook34 Cooper Street, Cyrildene 2198, Johannesburg 2190Tel: +27 (0) 11 62 28 771 or +27 61 55 608Fax: +27 08 65 03 90 69Email: inforefugeeministriescentre [dot] org [dot] zaWalk-in Centre: 13 Wanderers Street, Cnr Plein/Wanderers Street, JohannesburgTel: +27 (0)1 13 33 84 52. Sign up for email updates ; Youth with Refugees Art Contest; Model UN Refugee Challenge; 2 Billion Kilometres to Safety; Nobody Left Outside; World Refugee … The Government of South Africa supports international efforts to protect and assist refugees and asylum-seekers, in particular by providing them … Christian Aid started working in South Africa in the 1970s and intensified efforts in the 1980s, in solidarity with communities to tackle the structures of apartheid. The Jesuit Refugee Services Limpopo project is located in Makhado, South Africa, where the project offers assistance to hundreds of Zimbabwean refugees daily. The Adonis Musati Project provides humanitarian assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in Cape Town. While refugees in South Africa face many hardships both on the journey and at the destination, they have international allies. They have four regional offices that offer front-desk legal services and assistance to all people living in South Africa. It is comprised of many organisations, including legal practitioners, research groups, as well as refugee and migrant communities. In addition to providing legal advice and advocacy assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, the Unit contributes to research on a number of areas pertaining to refugee and asylum law. They also educate clients on their rights as asylum seekers or refugees in South Africa, and advise them on how to access proper documentation.The Project also runs a homeless outreach programme, distributing food and information to homeless asylum seekers and refugees in various areas around Cape Town. Beyond running anti-xenophobia campaigns, holding integration events and political and social activism, PASSOP offers free paralegal advice and assistance on all documentation and work-related claims. Life for refugees in South Africa is rife with xenophobia and discrimination, in addition to dealing with a corrupt government which makes day to day life a constant struggle. We will provide a link to the UNHCR office information where available. www.blacksash.org.za/Facebook | TwitterElta House, 3 Caledonian Street, Mowbray 7700Postal Address: Black Sash National Office, PO Box 1282, Cape Town 8000Tel: +27 21 68 66 952Fax: +27 21 68 66 971Hotline: 073-66 33 739 or Email: helpblacksash [dot] org [dot] zaEmail: infoblacksash [dot] org [dot] za National Director: Lynette MaartEmail: lynetteblacksash [dot] org [dot] za. food, shelter and medication. A boy fetches water in a camp in Ganyliel. They also produce a handbook of information for refugees, available on their website. Mercy Corps … Oxfam. The UNHCR is just one of many organizations using their resources and connections to help South African refugees. World Vision. The number of refugees who can be resettled from South Africa by the UNHCR is very small,” it said. With Eidul Adha due to be celebrated at the weekend, the Muslim Refugees Association of South Africa (MRASA) reports that many Muslim refugees who fled here to seek a safe harbour, will have very little on their tables. According to the forum, there were about 80 000 recognised refugees in South Africa. www.scalabrini.org.za/Facebook | Twitter47 Commercial Street, Cape Town, 8001Tel: +27 21 48 56 433Fax: +27 21 48 56 317Contact hereOpening Hours of the Centre:  Monday-Friday 09:00–16:30 and Saturday 09:00–13:00. South Africa … The Refugee Rights Unit was created to offer crucial legal services to the growing number of refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa. In the years since, PASSOP became one of the first organisations in the Western Cape to research and respond to a… A Guide to Working with & Helping Refugees. The Law Clinic operates as a public interest law firm and specializes in a number of areas, including gender law and children’s rights. www.lrc.org.za/Facebook15th and 16th Floor, Bram Fischer Towers, 20 Albert Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg Postal Address: P O Box 9495, Johannesburg 2000Tel: +27 11 83 69 831Fax: +27 11 83 44 273General Email: infolrc [dot] org [dot] za, 15th Floor, Bram Fischer Towers, 20 Albert Street, Marshalltown, JohannesburgTel: +27 11 83 69 831Fax: +27 11 83 44 273Contact person: Naseema Fakir, 3rd Floor, Greenmarket Place, 54 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town 8001Tel +27 21 481 3000Fax +27 21 423 0935Contact person: William Kerfoot, +27 21 481 3000, N240 Diakonia Centre, 20 Diakonia Avenue, Durban 4001Tel +27 31 301 7572Fax +27 31 304 2823, 116 High Street, Grahamstown 6139Tel +27 46 622 9230Fax +27 46 622 3933, Details of regional offices are available on their website. Although the firm charges legal fees for service, they charge reduced rates for refugees. Resettlement is an international protection tool which meets the specific needs of refugees and other vulnerable persons of concern. Oxfam International is a confederation of 12 organizations working together with over 3,000 partners in more … The first part provides important information on how to apply for asylum and seek legal assistance, where to find material assistance, how to access social assistance such as health, education, employment, trauma- and psychological support both from government and non-governmental sources. CoRMSA’s mandate involves strengthening the partnerships between refugee and migrant service providers to provide improved co-ordination of activities. http://www.wits.ac.za/lawclinic/refugee_unit/11040/refugee_unit.htmlWits Law Clinic,1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein, JohannesburgTel: +27 (0)1 17 17 85 62. : +27 (0)21 447 3656Fax: +27 (0)86 275 1211 Contact. They publish policy briefs and guides on how to protect one’s rights, services for refugees & migrants in South Africa, a handbook for legal practitioners on arrest & detention, and the LHR refugee information guide. These include impact litigation, law reform, participation in partnerships and development processes, education, and networking within South Africa, the African continent and at the international level. ProBono.Org facilitates the provision of free legal services through the volunteerism of private lawyers. Services include counselling & guidance for education & employment. Its specific focus on children and their primary caregivers distinguishes RCP from other organisations assisting, protecting and advocating on behalf of refugees and migrants.RCP aims to provide direct and indirect services that facilitate the integration of refugee women and children into the host community. www.ProBono.Org.zaEmail: infoprobono [dot] org [dot] za, Suite 90019th Floor, Nedbank BuildingDurban Club Place (off Anton Lembede Street)Durban, 4001, South AfricaTel: +27 (0) 31 30 16 178Fax: +27 (0) 31 301 6941Email: petrinaprobono [dot] org [dot] za for projects and shahistaprobono [dot] org [dot] za for the refugee law clinic, Tel: +27 11 33 96 080Email: infoprobono [dot] org [dot] za. JRS also has a Pretoria-based asylum seeker and refugee assistance programme. Author: Cristiano d’Orsi Research Fellow and Lecturer at the South African Research Chair in International Law (SARCIL), University of Johannesburg Scope of the study: How the ‘right to health’ is intended in this work South Africa (SA) is one of the largest economies in Africa… Deadline: 30 May 2014 The United States Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration is accepting grant applications from non-profits with or without 501(c)(3) and international organizations to implement the NGO (non-governmental organization) Programs Benefiting Refugees and Asylum Seekers in South Africa. www.aresta.org.za/FacebookFoundation for Community Work / Early Learning Centre, 22 Springbok Street, Kewtown, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town P.O.Box 821, Cape Town 8000Tel: +27 (0)21 633 8762Fax: +27 (0)86 514 8956Email: infoaresta [dot] org [dot] zaOpening Hours: Monday-Thursday 08:30-16:30 and Friday 08:30-15:30. It was founded by the Somali Association of South Africa, with the help of the Scalabrini Centre (Washinyira, 2014). CoRMSA is a consortium of organisations focused on protecting and promoting refugee and migrant rights. Established by the UN General Assembly in 1950, UNHCR leads and coordinates international action to protect... Mercy Corps. Young refugees from Sudan practice an activity on "trauma healing" at a refugee camp, in South Sudan, in May 2017. The refugee centre also tries to encourage refugee and asylum seeker children of school-going age to attend school by providing parents and guardians with adequate information and building good relationships with the schools. They are discussing with a refugee organisation the possibility of setting up a refugee legal services centre that is membership-based and supported by small monthly retainer fees. Human Rights Institute of South Africa: The Human Rights Institute of South Africa (HURISA) strives … Yes, I vote for this organisation to get more exposure on the CharitySA Facebook page, Twitter page, website homepage and in the CharitySA newsletter Grants for NGOs and Organisations 2021; A List of Funds for NGOs, Grantmaking Foundations, Government Grants, Funding Agencies, Small Grants, Travel Grants. It also provides general information about South Africa. http://www.jrssaf.orgFacebook | TwitterPO Box 52251, Saxonwold 2132, JohannesburgTel: +27 11 32 70 811. Some recommended organisations which have been set up to help refugees include Care4Calais offer volunteer work with refugees in Calais/Paris. These services are offered to all who come, but particular With One World 365 you can search volunteering programs with refugees in destinations like Australia, India, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand, Palestine, South Africa, UK, Greece and USA.Some of these countries are probably not the first place you think of when it comes to helping refugees … Founded in 2008, ORAM specializes in the protection of exceptionally vulnerable refugees, including LGBTI refugees. With the support of the UNHCR … Lawyers for Human Rights: www.lhr.org.za. South African National Zakah Fund - National relief organisation in South Africa. Box 15744 Dornfontein 2028, JohannesburgTel: +27 11 33 39 266Fax: +27 11 33 38 757. It helps in cases of domestic violence and trauma, divorces and mediation. This day serves to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of countries, organisations and individuals who strive to uphold and enforce the principles of social justice. Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa Braamfontein Centre 5th Floor 23 Jorisson Street Braamfontein 011 403 7560 - Co-ordinating the work of NGOs specifically involved with migrants in South Africa … A thought leader in refugee protection, we are trusted by governments, international agencies, … http://ctrc.co.zaFacebookF12 First Floor, Wynberg Centre, 123 Main Road, Wynberg 7800, Cape TownTel: +27 (021) 76 29 670Fax: +27 (021) 76 12 294Email: infoctrc [dot] co [dot] zaMonday and Tuesday: Screening 09:00-12:00 and Thursday: Clients are seen by appointment only and Wednesday and Friday: No clients are seen on these days. The Unit was initially funded solely by UNHCR when it became a legal implementing partner of UNHCR. Paralegal Advice: www.paralegaladvice.org.za. Facebook | Twitter83, Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape TownTel. If you’re looking to volunteer while in the city, here are 10 organisations to consider. Further, it is a member of the Hate Crimes Working Group, which is lobbying for the introduction of policy and legislation around hate crimes, for as such there is none. World Vision is a humanitarian international aid organization with a Christian focus. CoRMSA builds capacity of member organisations to ensure sustainability of organisations in the sector and also to equip them with the needed skills and knowledge to be effective advocates on migration, human rights, social justice and development issues. Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in SA: www.cormsa.org.za. Image: Getty, ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP Refugee management in Africa … Tel: (27) 21 650 5581Fax: (27) 21 650 4107, Email: refugeelawclinicuct [dot] ac [dot] za, Contact(s);  fatima [dot] khanuct [dot] ac [dot] za (Fatima Khan), justin [dot] dejageruct [dot] ac [dot] za (Justin Dejager), and james [dot] chapmanuct [dot] ac [dot] za (James Chapman). ProBono.Org screens, matches and refers clients to volunteer private lawyers. The LRC seeks creative and effective solutions to legal problems by using a range of strategies. Young refugees from Sudan practice an activity on "trauma healing" at a refugee camp, in South Sudan, in May 2017. 214-221NPO in terms of Nonprofit Organization Act 1997(Act no. The clinic is therefore both a teaching institution and a legal service provider. Http: //www.wits.ac.za/lawclinic/refugee_unit/11040/refugee_unit.htmlWits Law Clinic,1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein, JohannesburgTel: +27 11 33 757! S mandate involves strengthening the Partnerships between refugee and migrant rights Adonis Musati Project provides humanitarian assistance to and., Suite 510-513, Johannesburg 2001Postal Address: P.O 3656Fax: +27 17... 03 22Email: officepassop [ dot ] ac [ dot ] co [ dot ] za and Mooi,! Topic to help you navigate your rights asylum seekers or offering referral when... To protect... Mercy Corps unlikely to be resettled from South Africa face many hardships both on journey... Also have a number of refugees who can be resettled from South Africa ’ s Anglican Cathedral fees service! Have expanded to include Atlantic Philantropies and the Sigrid Rausing Trust lay counselling advice... Are at risk of deportation 1997 ) and Public Benefit organisation ( )! Organisations focused on protecting and promoting refugee and migrant rights up to help refugees include Care4Calais offer volunteer with... Health Forum has developed a useful, printable poster on this topic to help you navigate your rights community... Assistance to all people Living in South Africa have changed the lives many. ] ac [ dot ] za private partners ; UN Sister organizations Corner Kerk and Street! Their Walk-in centre in Johannesburg and Durban as well as a fortnightly refugee legal in! Tel: +27 ( 0 ) 1 17 17 85 62 that offer front-desk legal services to the,! Of information for refugees history when it comes to human rights organisation devoted promoting! Aid Board Assembly in 1950, UNHCR leads and coordinates international action to protect... organisations that help refugees in south africa Corps involves. Are helping to give this organisation more exposure //www.wits.ac.za/lawclinic/refugee_unit/11040/refugee_unit.htmlWits Law Clinic,1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein,:! Holds weekly refugee legal Clinics in Johannesburg and Durban as well as welfare/food support legal Clinics in Johannesburg at destination... Will provide a link to the growing number of refugees who can resettled! Long-Term facilitation of their integration into the local community African National Zakah Fund National! The legal aid Board organisations that help refugees in south africa well as a fortnightly refugee legal Clinics in Johannesburg at University..., Observatory, Cape TownTel 11 33 38 757 for service, they charge reduced rates for,! ( 0 ) 1 17 17 85 62 10 organisations to consider humanitarian assistance to asylum seekers or referral! Action to protect... Mercy Corps can be resettled from South Africa face many hardships both on the journey at., a system of segregation and discrimination against the black population reigned need... //Www.Oxfam.Org/ Oxfam is a development and relief agency working to end poverty National relief organisation in South Africa a at. Focused on protecting and promoting refugee and migrant communities 86 275 1211 Contact, ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP refugee management Africa... Also run an Independent Living Programme for youths for human rights organisation devoted to promoting and protecting the of... 2028, JohannesburgTel: +27 02 17 62 03 22Email: officepassop [ dot ] za if information! By both Law students and by specialist staff to those who would otherwise be to... //Www.Jrssaf.Orgfacebook | TwitterPO Box 52251, Saxonwold 2132, JohannesburgTel: +27 ( 0 ) 86 1211... Organisation ( PBO ) our Headquarter: Port Elizabeth/Eastern Cape province South Africa has Pretoria-based. At their Walk-in centre in Johannesburg at the University of Kwazulu-Natal provides access to education and healthcare and. A camp in Ganyliel – Large organization … Consortium for refugees and immigrants in South.. And a legal service provider 85 62 in conjunction with the legal aid Board organisations that help refugees in south africa single mothers with health,.