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Fiction (maximum 2,000 words)
Non-fiction (maximum 2,000 words)
Poetry (1-3 poems per single submission) (maximum total 75 lines)
Single Image (including illustration, photograph or painting)


What does LOVE mean to you? We want your fiction, non-fiction, poetry or artwork, exploring love in any of its myriad expressions: romantic, platonic, parental, and much, much more. We know there is a whole world of love out there. Write it. Draw it. Paint it. Then send it in.

Special Themed Issue: Love and Death. We will all die. Everyone who loves us will die. Everyone we love will die. Let’s talk about that. Deadline: 28 February 2017. Identify submission with ‘Love and Death.’

We offer $50 to regular submitters whom we publish. We partner with Submittable to provide an efficient way for both writer and publisher to track and organize submissions. This costs us a monthly, and per submission fee, so we ask you to share our costs by paying a $3 admin fee, payable on the Submittable form.

Please note that the Submittable software gives you the option of providing a cover letter along with your submission. Your letter will be kept separate from your creative work so that your work will stand alone in our blind reading process, and be chosen on the basis of your use of language, originality of subject, and writing and/or artistic style.

We aim to respond to submitters within 6 weeks, depending on the volume of submissions.

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Thank you for not using an author pseudonym.

There must be only one author per submission.

All submitted works must be original and unpublished. All works that have been published in print or on the Internet, including self-published works, as well as works that have been broadcast or taped are considered previously published and are therefore ineligible for submission.

Please use Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. font, double spacing, and include page numbers. Please do not include your name or contact information in the file name, header/footer or title page to allow for blind reading.

We accept simultaneous submissions. Use Submittable’s “withdraw” feature to make us aware if another magazine accepts your publication.

Editorial comments will not be provided on general submissions, although accepted submissions will go through an editorial process.

In the non-fiction category, no composite characters, or invented situations may be used.

Submitters accept full liability for any intentional misrepresentation of truth resulting in legal action. and its directors, officers and employees will not be liable for any resulting legal action due to misrepresentation of truth. If plagiarism is alleged, the editors shall conduct a reasonable inquiry in the circumstances, and if they determines that plagiarism has occurred, the submission will not be published. Such a decision by the editors shall be final and cannot be appealed. By submitting, submitters agree to abide by the submission rules which shall be applied by All its decisions are final and without appeal.

For any submitter who has not reached the age of majority in his/her province/state or country of residence, parental or guardian consent is necessary to submit.