Stella Carruthers’ Poetry

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Stella Carruthers’ Poetry

A First Taste of Rainbow

If he was yellow
he dripped buttercups,
pinches of kowhai seeds,
pages of highlighted notes.

Ideas to remember;
For they seemed important
at the time.

His was a yellow
of a mind drowning in butter
rich and melting.

I kept slurping it into my mouth.
My chin stained and

If he was yellow
it was a giddy, staggering
with bubbles up my nose sort of

I uncurled from my bed
spider lashed, crazy haired
and not quite sure where I had been.

But knowing it was an
entry fee paid, wrist bruised
with a smudged
smiley face,
pink sugared cloud
but always waiting and feet pinched
sort of place.

And although my skull
moshed inside my skin.

And there were pages of words around me
written by some strange
lemon eyed woman

I smiled.

For I had touched a
prism of rainbow.

How it dances

in my stormy mind
in my fish fluttered heart
in my silvered bones.

How it swirls
on my petaled tongue.


Stella Carruthers is a library worker, writer and artist who loves nothing more than being creative whether it be with her favoured artistic medium of textiles or expressing herself with words.

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