Sara Backer’s Poetry

Sep 14, 2017 by

Sara Backer’s Poetry

Too This, Too That

At the party fire pit, he banters with women
he has known since college. Funk from big speakers,
eggplant on the grill, Christmas lights strung
through an avocado tree. He returns a wooden chair
to an ex-girlfriend. He’s replaced her broken rung:
no scars, no seams, no mismatched stain.
He’s fixing a bicycle rack for another.
All of his exes get along with him and each other,
and years pass. Some recycle as do-overs,
unable to resist a man in love with love.
Before I returned, he assured me he no longer
sought perfection, but I soon became too this,
too that again. His twenties, thirties, forties, fifties
look the same on Facebook: a musician on stage,
loneliness hidden inside an upbeat bass.
He scans the crowd for his next ex, unable to choose
between maybe and maybe. Oh, love could never live
up to the promise of those parties! Barefoot dancers,
silver earrings, goblets of pinot noir, wood smoke
sifted with ocean mist, moon-drenched under live oaks.

Sara Backer, author of two poetry chapbooks and a novel, lives in New Hampshire and is an MFA candidate at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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