Robin Susanto’s Poetry

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Robin Susanto’s Poetry


You told me rain was shelter,
the mist on our lashes was stars,
love grew on trees,
and there was Summer under our sweaters.

You lied.
But I believed you because your lies were my truth.
This was our bond.

But then our stories changed.
You took your lies elsewhere.
I stayed with my truth, and started digging.

I did find summer under the snow,
summer that came not by the clock
but by a song.

To remember is to continue.

The cities we walked through are still walking.
The daisies that grow in my bed still refer to stars
way over their heads.

Nothing is home.

In the fog
songs outline the city,
your feeling stretches longer than the road.
And longing proves the heart
as the breaking proves the glass.

(At Cafe S’il Vous Plait)

The world is already small between us
The bowl you hold with both hands
As if it was a crystal ball
The depth in the hollow of my spoon
Already world:
The unknown that grows thicker with the starch of the afternoon

I know life doesn’t give up its secrets
Except maybe ineffably like the steam from our soup
But then you show me how an onion can grow
As many rings as would take a tree centuries
In one short summer
The summer we have released
Like the crisp from the leaves of the lettuce

You want to trade history by the spoonfuls
The home you keep stirring to find
The gestures of a city you had only begun to recognize
And the revolution that’s too red even for borscht
All for a little taste of cream, sour but white

For my part I want to show you the strip I have torn off the city
A sheet of yesterday’s night I have kept in my pocket
My densest morsels
For a single ping of your spoon on the lip of porcelain
The bell you so suddenly are

I know what you want from me
You want me to eat your onions
Your beets your potatoes
The underground flesh that can suck nectar from sand
Maybe life does give up its sugars
The syrup that floods over my tongue
Only one word away from what I can say.


Robin Susanto is a statistician who writes poetry to make sure things really add up.

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