Rachel Smith’s Poetry

Jun 29, 2017 by

Rachel Smith’s Poetry


The life cycle of Anisoptera
also known as the dragonfly,
consists of copulation, which lasts 1-2 minutes, then the females lay
approximately 100 eggs, one at a time, deposited loosely into water.
The eggs become nymphs, and then metamorphose.
The entire lifespan of a dragonfly is 6 months or less: a half year.
Call me sentimental, but I’m a sucker for apocalypse stories.
I’m sorry about your cancer, but if you only had six months to live,
why didn’t you call me up and teach me how to make cream puffs, gnocchi, antipasto
I’d have warmed your ear as sun to sow.

But I failed.

They said it metastasized through the rest of your body.
I didn’t get mad at you even though you treated me like the china doll
you prized growing up. I didn’t give a damn about your hollow cheeks,
and you were grandma with or without hair. On your last day,
when the dragonflies closed their eyes
and their wings slowed to a halt,
I wanted you to fall asleep on my shoulder
so I could capture your last breaths in a jar.

Still young and learning, Rachel currently attends the University of Victoria where she works towards becoming a beautiful poet, refusing to rest until she shares her love of writing with anyone willing to listen.

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