Poetry Finalist Sharon Black

May 10, 2017 by

Poetry Finalist Sharon Black



We don’t talk about the subject,
its tilted head, the fat comma of its body swelling
out of the frame. In the background,
volcanic boulders tumble over yellow sand,
their whorls and fissures speckled
with pinhead barnacles, limpets, an orange horn.
Others wear draperies of bladder-wrack;
white veins that might be algae
or a seam of quartz.
The subject stares out as if carved from stone
and water, as if its body were the ocean
and the sea behind it a frill of foam.
In the distance, an island floats like a sub.
A smear of rainbow is a thumbprint of light
stroking down towards the subject’s head.
It stares out, eyes like dark stars,
while the varnished surface reflects
our outlines, poised and questioning,
and all the sky behind us.

Sharon Black is from Scotland but now lives in France and is the author of two poetry collections.

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