favicon  Dec 17, 2016: 

 Accepting submissions for a themed issue: Love and Death. Deadline 28 February 2017.

favicon OCT 27, 2016: Alex Risen and I interview poet Magdalena Wolak, winner of our 2016 poetry contest, in the first of our COFFEE HOUSE CHAT Series. 

faviconSEP 17, 2016:

2017 Poetry Contest accepting submissions now until February 14, 2017 ($1,000 prize). See 2016 winners and finalists to see what we're looking for!

faviconSEP 17, 2016:

We LOVE our new Contributors page, where we celebrate our wonderful writers, artists and interviewees. 

favicon  JUNE 30, 2016:

 POETRY CONTEST WINNER: Magdalena Wolak for “Kintsugi.”

Our four poetry finalists are Pamela Dillon for “She Went to Dance,” Heather McNaugher for “The Break-up,” Kathlyn Meyer for “Ragdoll,” and Addison Peacock for “Love Does Not Look Good on Me.”

favicon  JUNE 27, 2016:

 NONFICTION CONTEST WINNER:  Melanie Malinowski for "Arena Rock."

Our nonfiction finalists are Sonja Boon for "French Kiss,” Minna Dubin for "You and Me: the Prologue,” and Ellen Goodlett for "Stealing the Story Back."

favicon  JUNE 22, 2016:

 FICTION CONTEST WINNER:  Stephanie Arditte for "Notes From a Very Sad Girl."

Our four finalists are Laurie Myers-Bishop for "The (Violation of) the Pigeon Hole Principle," Max Schloner for "I Wish We'd Ruined Each Other," Mandy Stango for "People Like Us" and Josh Zancan for "Sycamore River."

favicon  MAY 11, 2016:

 MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE: Barbara Radecki, Toronto actress, writer, mother—and her two daughters, artists Stefanie and Michele Ayoub.

faviconAPRIL 6, 2016:

Our March 2016 winner for #6WordsAboutLove: @dtweetly for Best licked off your warm tongue. 

faviconMARCH 4, 2016:

Our February 2016 winner for #6WordsAboutLove: @leonicka for Take the last chicken wing, darling. 

favicon FEBRUARY 2, 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.03.05 AM   LitBridge talks to Sam about love here!

faviconFEBRUARY 1, 2016:

20160201165710Our January 2016 winner for #6WordsAboutLove: Lena Fraquelli for I love you. Say it back. 

faviconJANUARY 25, 2016:

A Valentine's Day 2016 draw, including all our subscribers' names, will reward 3 lucky subscribers with 10 books each, chosen by the Editors. 


faviconJANUARY 4, 2016:

ImageOur first #6WordsAboutLove winner for December 2015: Chantal Diniz for Cupid's arrow - for me, a boomerang. 

faviconDECEMBER 29, 2015:

brokenpencil, The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts interview:We love “Don’t Talk to me About Love” – Q&A with Sam Hiyate

faviconDECEMBER 21, 2015:

 The About Love editors are looking for six word stories about love. Tweet #6WordsAboutLove or post them on our Facebook page. We'll post them on the site and monthly bests win a mug.

faviconDECEMBER 21, 2015:

 Our recent contributor, author Lee Gowan, provides intriguing background and the inspiration for his novel The Beautiful Place.

Check it out on his blog here.

faviconNOVEMBER 20, 2015:

Toronto writer/editor/instructor Allyson Latta talks up Don't Talk To Me About Love here on her site 'Memories Into Story'

faviconNOVEMBER 18, 2015:




First online community exploring love in original literature and art (About Love) is the first online site to explore contemporary ideas about love in all its myriad expressions (romantic and platonic), in prose, poetry and visual art. A debut contest, open now and accepting entries, will award $3,000 CDN to winning submissions. The contest will close on Valentine’s Day, 2016.

“Love has always had its own place in our hearts and minds,” says Sam Hiyate, one of the founding partners, and president of The Rights Factory literary agency, “But now it’s finally found a home on the Internet.” Hiyate’s own regular column, Talk to Me, a questionnaire about love designed to delve deeply into our own ideas and feelings about love, will feature interviews with writers, thinkers and artists. Like Proust all those years ago, his debut interview is someone he knows all too well – himself. The next interview will be with Irresistible author, Margot Berwin. Hiyate was a founder of an earlier litmag, Blood and Aphorisms and the publisher of Gordon Lish’s litmag The Quarterly from 1994-95.

The other founding partners are Diane Terrana and Alexandra Risen. Terrana, The Rights Factory Executive Editor, is “excited about the site's mix of established and up and coming writers,” and Risen, author of the forthcoming memoir Unearthed (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Penguin Canada), hopes that “a themed focus instead of genre will allow the cross-pollination of ideas between writers and artists.”

The launch features new fiction by international best-selling author David Gilmour, non-fiction by Kera Yonker, poetry by Linda Rui Feng and an illustration by Heidi Berton. The site will also be serializing a novel: Irresistible by Margot Berwin – a dark romance between an older, established artist and a young woman.

  • The site does not require a paid subscription.
  • The debut contest will be open for submissions until midnight, Valentine’s Day, 2016. Winning fiction, non-fiction and poetry entries will be awarded $1,000 CDN each as well as a book-length manuscript evaluation by The Rights Factory literary agency.
  • Ongoing submissions of literature and art are welcome – we pay an honorarium of $50 CDN per piece published, or in the case of poetry, per group published. is an online site that explores love through literature and art. It is the preeminent online community of people reading, writing and thinking About Love, publishing and promoting new and original works.


For more information: