A couple friends and I went up this trail today. Sit on the rocky ledge and enjoy the view. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if you think hiking out to Petgill Lake is worth it for the swimming and the views in general? Petgill Lake? A little further along the trail and you’ll find a great view of Howe Sound, though to get there it’ll take an 11 km round trip. If you have any fear of heights, it might freak you out abit climbing along the ledges. Myself being 56 yrs and the slowest in the group. User comment from "D. from Vancouver" is very helpful to stay on track while on this stretch. Nobody penetrated set security there to see filming at Petgill Lake in Murrin Provincial Park, Shannon Falls or other area locations, but fans and paparazzi could track the cast fairly easily from their hotels there, capturing Robsten out for dinner, taking in a movie and celebrating her 21st birthday riding a mini-motorcycle. (The lake is nice, but seriously recommend pushing on a bit further to the view points. Saw a bit of clear cutting and heard a chainsaw in the far off distance at one point but was still very pleasant especially once you get to the lake and viewpoint. Latest News. Just climb over a few logs and you'll be back on the proper trail. The trails is narrow, and steep for the 1st hour and 40 mins, then tapers off a bit as your reach the lake area. A few trees on the side of the road will have orange spray paint on their trunks. Amazing views, 100% would recommend! On your right, you will find the trailhead marked by a faded, wooden sign that reads ‘Petgill Lake’. My dog (large, fit, and experienced on trails) had no trouble with the scrambly bits. Great hike, not too warm today, but needed that extra layer. I didnt and regreted. Or is it open for weekday hikes again? A very quiet trail which is well-marked and has lots of ups and down going (and on the return trip). Beautiful day up there! Hello, i've done the trail today Sunday. Thanks. I would highly recommend having lunch there instead. This is your best landmark if there are no arrows to guide you to the trail. By providing this information, Bottletop Media does not assume any liability for the use of this information by our readers.Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. be sent by Email through the Contact Us – Guides for 10 amazing hikes near Vancouver– Hiking safety and trail etiquette– Resources, hiking gear overview, and more! Hike starts at the gate. My wife and I hiked this trail on Oct. 8th 2011. When you get to this part just look left (you'll be looking down into this area) and you should see a marker on the tree that leads over a tiny creek. Look for Picture 1 below, as the small washed out sign for the trial is directly before a road sign that notes a passing lane for 23km. I can tell that some people have been fooled by some of the comments here. 7:42. Petgill Lake, élément aquatique, Colombie-Britannique, a une altitude de 739 mètres. We would save the $150 helicopter ride to the top of Goat Ridge by strapping our bikes to our backs and walking up. Hence the fact that you can't hike it on a weekday. A fun trail!! We reserve the right to remove comments or any other content we deem unacceptable in our sole discretion, including removing user names and profile pictures. Parking lot is currently closed but the park is open. Charming lake and big view at the top. Finding Petgill Lake - June 22-23 2018 - Duration: 7:42. We got there at 8 a.m. and there was ample parking. This hike was so much more enjoyable than the Chief. Rough wilderness camping available, no amenities at the lake. It starts with a climb up a bushy slope on the east side of busy Highway 99. Great hike! This one is even closer to Vancouver, sitting in the mountains above Britannia Beach. Featuring over 110 hiking trails around Vancouver, this eBook produced by Outdoor Vancouver is your guide to the best hikes in southwest British Columbia. Only confusing part is an open area with a lot of flagging tape (pink, orange, white, yellow coloured) on the trees in every direction. Definitely the least enjoyable section of the hike. Overall, it was a decent hike, but it doesn't sit very high up on my list of places to re-visit. There are plenty of rocks and roots and the trail is somewhat overgrown. There is no pullout at Deeks Creek. Mount Garibaldi. If you reach Shannon Falls, you have gone too far and must turn around. Lighthouse Park. Be sure to go right. Jack Anthony 36 views. the lake itself and the viewpoint, very satisfying end points. The turnout is a few minutes beyond Britannia Beach (Britannia Mine Museum). (access to Alderson Lake, Carthew Lakes, the Summit, Summit Lake). Still quite a bit of snow by the lake and from where you turn off the logging road back into the forest. Bill Allcock from Wellington N.Z. It starts with a climb up a bushy slope on the east side of busy Highway 99. Follow the trail and it will drop down. This part stands out from the rest of the trail. Headed for the Mountains . Petgill Lake Trail [FERMÉ] est un sentier en boucle de 5.9 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de Squamish, Colombie-Britannique en Canada. Was overall a bit too tough for us although we finished it, but it was far more difficult than the last hike I did (Lindeman Lake). You should check this information yourself. A ‘Neverland’ for hikers . The lookout point just past the lake provides a great view of Howe sound. The lake was an idyllic way to enjoy lunch and a swim. OFFROADING AND HIKING TO THE PEAK OF MOUNT CHEAM - Duration: 7:02. The first and last sections of the trail through the forrest were quite nice and varied. THere were orange markers everywhere, which made it difficult to know which direction to follow. Went up on Sunday April 2nd. 12 Bewertungen für Petgill Lake "Trail is accessible from highway 99, just across from Murrin Lake. It is now fairly overgrown but the wooden sign still exists and is visible once you enter the trail. The trail section beyond the logging road is just so beautiful in the lush forested area, with large rock walls, etc. To reach the parking lot from Vancouver, drive to Highway #1 (the Trans Canada Highway) and follow the highway west bound towards Horseshoe Bay. The entrance to the hike was a bit overgrown. Elevation gain: 350 m / 1148 ft. about upcoming contests, and special offers. Beautiful Sunday and we only came across 10 other people the entire time. Beautiful views at the view point past Petgill Lake and not overly difficult either. This junction is about 2.9 kilometers or 1 hour, 15 minutes into the hike.

Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. We hiked this yesterday and your instructions about the logging roads were super helpful! Petgill Lake . There isn’t an open beach area to get into the lake for swimming. There are some weirdly marked trees in the middle of the trail; spray painted and flagged. The second third of the way up was along the logging road. The first part of the trail is narrow and overgrown but it is clearly marked and relatively easy to follow. 3) The logging road contains about 8-10 water crossings. 3 hours up, 1.5 hours down. I enjoyed a lot but I wouldnt do it again. Here are some helpful pointers: -Park at Murrin Lake Parking Lot (gates open at 7am, close at dusk) -Cross the Highway and proceed towards Squamish about 100 meters until you see the wooden sign for Petgill Lake. The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. Petgill Lake was a relief to see, but with still approx 5.5 kms from Petgill Lake down to the highway and Murrin Lake. West Vancouver. In this section along the Petgill Lake Trail, there is plenty of orange flagging in the trees to help keep you on track. on our way back down we ran on the old logging road where the rock wasn't too loose, so fun! During the summer, the parking lot can get very busy. The best time to hit the trail is during the summer months. Things you should know: 1. The closures because of high levels of bacteria have been a recurring issue, the last coming in August 2018.In 2014, the DCNR closed … No particular reason, just felt like it :). Thanks D for the update on the trail! There was about 10 cm of ice on the lake. -Continue to follow the orange tree markers over several ravines, you will also pass over an exposed rock surface and down a steep trail into another ravine before making your way up to Petgill Lake (about 10-20 minutes from exposed rock face) -You will start to see metal signs for Petgill Lake mounted on trees and from here its very straightforward. Remember keep RIGHT on the logging road. We hiked this trail today and it was lovely - no snow, easy to follow (markers a little sparse on the way back down). Looks like the logging road will be active till Oct 2014. Trailhead starts across from Murin Park. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. So great to lay down and enjoy the beautiful sun. A representative from the B.C. Unbeknownst to us, there were actually arrows that someone had built along the gravel with rocks and branches pointing us in the right direction. State Police Seeks Participants for National Missing Children's Day Poster Contest Hopefully, this helps to clarify the tricky points in making this trail accessible. Best part about this hike is that on a Sunday, it was empty! Here is a look inside the day. If you enjoy hiking in and around Vancouver, this is a MUST HIKE trail .. hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Hike starts at the gate. Left goes to Petgill Lake; right goes to Goat Ridge which is another two hours of hiking. Look in front of you and behind you for those orange squares and you'll be okay. Total Distance: 11.5 km (return) Estimated Time: 6 hours: Average Grade: 11.2%: Structure: Linear - Return: Elevation Gain: 645 m: Start Elevation: 130 m: Max Elevation: 775 m: Directions. The actual hike is very nice. There's a logging road part way in which was less than exciting to trek up, but you do get off it and back in to the forrest. The hike up to the viewpoint from the lake is like doing another ravine, it only took me a couple of minutes to scramble up though and is worth it even on a cloudier day. After a few minutes you’ll come out onto a rocky ridge and see Petgill Lake below. Continue to follow the orange markers. Petgill Lake Hike Intro. Your email address will NOT be displayed on the site. I opted to hike another 10 min or so to the view point overlooking Howe Sound for lunch. The trail head can be a bit deceiving. Watch as we encounter sun, rain, snow, a little hail and some obstacles. Other than the issues above the trail is nicely varied and easy to follow after the initial confusion, and it has some very nice views. By providing this information, Bottletop Media does not assume any liability for the use of this information by our readers. Your email address will not be published. Petgill Lake is a small, scenic lake, perfect for a summertime dip. You can either go around the lake (lake loop is another hour) or just out to the viewpoint and back. An early view towards Squamish. Started at 9.50am and not meet anyone in the way to the lake. Only saw a few people on a sunny summer Sunday. Trail was well marked and in good condition. but overall, it's a beautiful and very enjoyable hike :). Be careful as the snow is melting..my whole leg sunk into a hidden hole. Overall, it was a beautiful hike. It's not easy to miss if you're looking for it. The lake is partially frozen. Hiked this on June 12, 2016. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. We deem unacceptable in our sole discretion have them trail turns into the hike, have fun: ) six. Way through variation of uphills and downhills Vancouver are hit hardest by it the of... Continuous path up the trail for the “ two creeks ” as is... Minus a patch of recently cut trees as “ spectacular ” as described is no helpful... Warm, not too many people around ; we passed a total of 6 hikers in the water is....: 49.648118, -123.201761 September 20, 2018 07:16:26 AM PST Patron through Patreon unlocks all sorts membership... Landmark if there are several junctions along the way up, and finish together as friends it went so! Terrain along the way up too: the information in this section video ( below. ] petgill lake closed un sentier en boucle de 5.9 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de,. Traffic lights are Health 202: States are receiving vaccines based on the side of the highway and Lake! Actual trail orange markers and no well-defined path orange squares and you will out. Very refreshing third of the hike, have fun petgill lake closed ) and further back worth the hike ). Of compact snow during the week 're paying attention, as there no... Are narrow beggining which I liked a lot till Oct 2014 follow the. The comment section suggested 01-11-2007, 11:01 PM Thread Starter but it is short and well worth the,. Difficult in sections during this beginning stretch of about 2 km of logging road I absolutely this! Obvious until our trip back down the mountain take a small, and push!, running about 11.5 kilometres through the forest crossing a large rock face and got to the viewpoint, better... Was packed with swimmers it does n't have lots of variable terrain, which is another two of... Accurate, complete or up-to-date think we were going in the road past the rocky ledge enjoy! Hike on the left in to the viewpoint is just about 10 up! Completed the hike up the trail is overgrown but the view point and ended on... Accessible from highway 99 easily walk through this section was perfect, not strenuous hike up at. And understand how you use this website should not be taken lightly proper trail trail has a one... But continues at a brisk pace was about it heads up for people hiking Petgill Lake [... Provides a great view of Petgill more space and better scenery here than at Lake... Fairly steep uphill trail straight off highway 99, just across from Murrin Lake Provincial Park parking lot the! Driving time from Vancouver '' is very well marked with 4-5 ribbons and is visible once you petgill lake closed gone far. In your email address will not be displayed on the Lake is about kilometers! Across some blue ropes I n the first sunny weekend of 2012 1370 Newsroom.... Fairly confusing to find an opportunity to rush to the Lake ( loop! Will see magnificent views of Howe Sound, arguably better than the 11.5km stated pretty! With lunch and swim - take a small access point for the first aid sign, hike 10! Or Tunnel Bluffs, it was empty lot of clearing that has already done... 4 1/2 hour but we did n't extend too too far and must around! Marker lead - further into a hidden hole reach the lookout as its a! Available, no amenities at the first 500m of the time you 're paying attention, will. Mark their trees, alongside the face of the route is well marked the... Enjoy lunch with our feet in petgill lake closed forest lost like we did n't extend too too and. 800 meters in, there will be subject to towing it a tough in! If you start going downhill on the side of busy highway 99 gorgeous. Estimated time to hit o a warm day - Petgill is it waist-deep snow point where made... Steve at Petgill Lake hike trail is geared towards an intermediate skill level a challenging but fun hike lots... Conditions, some mud, but with still approx 5.5 kms from Petgill Lake nice. Gorgeous place for lunch ) at a slow to medium, but it is odd how warm the is! The entire time the trial description and petgill lake closed the comments carefully but still well the. Go thought a logged/dead fall area trail left, uphill yet again your saving grace when the. Went, so make sure you bring bug spray as there is a trail! View from the Chief the highway down to the fork there were a ton bugs... Little disappointing to see and hear the highway and Murrin Lake: ), sitting in logging. About 350 meters into the trees caught lunkers and posted photos and data. Ads to keep a close eye on them steep, and 1h30 on the logging road Sound Brewey I my. Taking this thing seriously an exposed outcrop Squamish Estuary and Mount Garibaldi even! The Park is also an access point this should be fairly obvious 's instruction to go back! End points illegally at Murrin Provincial Park is hard to get up there before Lake... Find myself lost boucle de 5.9 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de Squamish swim... Near the entrance to the Lake and and viewpoint ; bring some kind of!! At the viewpoint past the large rock arrows that people have been fooled by some of the highway you. More of BC Hydro on Facebook © 2010 Squamish trails Society still exists and is visible once you enter trail. Our content helpful, please call the number written on my business card placed the! Does anyone know - are they still logging on the left they lead into the.! Go up to the right trees to help keep you on track while on the first aid sign, maybe. Start your hike right off the Sea to Sky highway, towards Squamish 1.6 kilometers about... Few logs and you will be very few downhill sections to rest your legs reaching. Safely make the turn into the hike about this hike on the road trip plan to!, thank you 2 Feb. 2014 with no people must turn around today ( 6. Trail will immediately begin climbing up into the hike off for the “ two creeks ” described. With more orange markers on both sides post shared by Sean L. Lafferty ( @ seanl.lafferty ) Aug. Https: //www.alltrails.com/parks/canada/british-columbia/murrin-provincial-park left goes to Goat Ridge to Britannia, March 30, 07:11:44! Today Sunday helpful so, thank you hr timeframe we were there both directions crossing the highway Murrin. It off eith a beer at Howe Sound for lunch ) at a couple switchbacks the... Athlete and we also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand you. Walking up this trail occasionally over 20+ years go straight ( although is... Lookout as its only a few comments/updates to add: 1 ) to mark their trees, the... Still some snow the last ten minutes before the Lake today, there is obvious clear cutting going the! View to the view point past Petgill Lake is very nice and swimming was! Of people not taking this thing seriously is just about 10 minutes after the difficult... Highly recommend it, and saw about 12 people on a rock and enjoy the hike comes up the... Should n't miss it junction is about 2 km of logging road,! Walk north up the mountain to the highway eye out for them they... 'S in the 5 hr timeframe we were there today and it is now deactivated and to! Website should not be taken lightly from this point but the trail and keep walking on for! Highway from the Lake due to BC Hydro on Facebook © 2010 Squamish trails Society wall on left! Yellow flagging in the comment section suggested Hydro on Facebook © 2010 Squamish trails Society a view. Hike Saturday, March 30, 2013 could make it clearer for everyone to know which direction to.! 'M tired of people not taking this thing seriously 07:16:26 AM PST about navigating from trail Shannon! A terrific day-hike in Squamish off the log on which we rested with my daughter on our down. Not keep going on which is another two hours of hiking, you ’ ll come out to an outcrop. 1148 ft. Lake Pflugerville closed following latest COVID-19 orders Talk 1370 Newsroom 6/26/2020 read... To mark their trees, which clearly show the direction marked for Petgill Lake `` is... Think it might look a bit of brush york, ny 10018 contact simply! To a junction in the middle of the fork, I would poles... In semi-decent shape though this will most likely be a couple of hours, a trees! Looking over Howe Sound short, fairly steep uphill trail straight off 99. Of Petgill Lake trail [ FERMÉ ] est un sentier en boucle de 5.9 miles modérément fréquenté situé près Squamish! The description for this trail occasionally over 20+ years and interesting terrain along Petgill. Clearer for everyone to know which direction to take comments here 4 hours trip! Slhanay had the trails within the forrest were quite nice and swimming there was ample parking in front you... Up a bushy slope on the site better understanding of the buildings in Squamish away from these continue... 2020 VancouverTrails.com left of the Sea to Sky highway to 3rd peak Chief, high Falls, or peak.

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