Laura Cok’s Poetry

Sep 14, 2017 by

Laura Cok’s Poetry

Early Days

We haven’t even told each other yet.
It’s something like a still unspoken bet,
whose horse will be the first to break the gate
with all her sisters trailing, holding back.

I tell him that I like him. Then I say
that no, he doesn’t understand, the beat
of horses’ hooves that beat so strong in me.
How tiresome, this song and this refrain.
The sweat strokes blinding through the horse’s mane.
There’s always one who kicks the fences down
and canters through the fields. I guess we’ll see
which one of us cannot contain
the hooves that kick, impatient, at the ground,
ignoring falser rabbits on the track,
my heart the run, and how that running sounds.

Laura lives in Toronto where she works in the book industry; she has been most recently published in the Rusty Toque, CV2, and Arc, and has work forthcoming in Event and Prairie Fire.

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