Daniela Elza’s Poetry

Oct 29, 2016 by

Daniela Elza’s Poetry

their thin mouths

I slip through time sideways
straightening up                   the dark.
a note           a kiss               a whisper—
this ache that rises                     curves
and arcs                         to meet you.
the rain on my patio today
and the jackhammer across the street
compete             with the memory of you.
you are a blessing   (not in disguise).
I trace the brief etymology of us
and words capsize.
naked in my dream                 all night
this way and that               your bare chest
and I           awaken to        an empty bed
drowning       in a line of words.
I slip through their thin mouths.
like button holes
they     fasten me to you.


Daniela Elza is a free range, non-medicated poet and scholar who is currently falling in love with trees.

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