2017 Poetry Contest

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2017 Midnight EST





Poetry (1-3 poems per single submission) Total submission, including 1-3 poems, must not exceed 75 lines.



FIRST PRIZE: $1000.00 

THREE HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Guaranteed publication in donttalktomeaboutlove.org

What does LOVE mean to you? We want your poetry exploring love in any of its myriad expressions: romantic, platonic, parental, and much, much more. We know there is a whole world of love out there, and we want to read about it. See last year’s winner and honourable mentions to get a sense of what we are looking for.

All submitted works must be original and unpublished. All works that have been published in print or on the Internet, including self-published works, as well as works that have been broadcast or taped are considered previously published and are therefore ineligible for submission.

Poems must be written in English.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but for each entry (1-3 poems of up to 75 lines), participants must complete a separate submission form and pay the entry fee of $20. Please see complete guidelines on the Submittable submissions form.

Your email addresses will be used to subscribe you free of charge to our dontalktomeaboutlove.org site.

Winners will be announced in April 2017 



#6WordsAboutLove     DEC 2015 WINNER: Cupid's arrow — for me, a boomerang. (Chantal.Diniz)     FEB 2016 WINNER: Take the last chicken wing, darling. @leonicka    JAN 2016 WINNER: I love you. Say it back. (Lena.Fraquelli)    My eyes closed, your hands clenched. @KishaFerguson    no good reason to ration love @martinjanello    MAR 2016 WINNER: Best licked off your warm tongue. @dtweetly    I can always remind you again. @dlylyly    My love is dark, chili chocolate. (Bernadette.Carroll)    #6WordsAboutLove