Amber Johnson’s Poetry

Apr 5, 2016 by

Amber Johnson’s Poetry

i’m trapped

i can feel it,
the edge of eternity
presses against the soul of me
your chest to my cheek &
i know there are pulsars in here,

neuron heartbeat like
timekeep, dreams
of our first meet,

see, i confuse the beginning of time with
your hand in mine,

beyond it
all, i believe
god is kind.

i’m young, soft: helpless void,
you’re just the touch i need.




The vital luminosity la luna
& the pull of her tide…

The sun cracks like an egg &
you are inside.



Beginning of the night (turned to 1 in the morning),
there’s something glowing in my dark heart:

a walk thru cavity which is being connected,
& I feel
brandy sunk deep in the veins,
intoxicating the brain.

What if these people were true to me?
What if I meant something in this world?

Amber Renee writes with the vigor of a manic, the darkness of a depressive & the mysticism of her delusions, in order to combat her bipolar depression & end the stigma of mental illness.

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