Sam Hiyate


Co-founding Editor

Sam is president of The Rights Factory, a boutique literary agency. In his 24-year publishing career, he has worked at literary magazines, small presses and with New York Times bestselling authors, editing and representing everything from debut fiction, memoir and narrative non-fiction to graphic novels. He has taught writing and publishing for 15 years privately and also at various universities.


Alexandra Risen


Co-founding Editor

Alexandra is a writer who migrated from the northwestern prairies to the hilly southeast, all the while enjoying the natural world. Her best-selling memoir, Unearthed, is a meditation on love, legacy and our interconnectedness with nature. She holds a Certificate in Creative Writing, an MBA, and a Diploma in Urban Planning. 

Diane Terrana


Co-founding Editor

Diane has a BA, a BEd, and an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She has worked as an actress, a belly dancer and an English/drama teacher in both the private and public school systems. Diane has been reading and editing manuscripts at The Rights Factory since 2011 and is currently the agency's Executive Editor.