Ride 330 miles of expertly groomed snowmobile trails that trace beautiful frozen rivers and travel through the hills and forests of Rusk County. See trail pass details, including regulations, costs and sales locations. -, Links will open up in new windows – if you find a “BAD” link please post them in the, Some Wisconsin County Websites started adding both ATV & Snowmobile Trails in their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map layering under transportation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Wisconsin - http://www.co.jackson.wi.us/vertical/sites/%7B4C09F8F2-A8A2-4929-9E2A-A836851B00CC%7D/uploads/%7B47D768E8-F05E-459F-BD57-175304BF73E0%7D.PDF, Central West - http://www.co.jackson.wi.us/vertical/sites/%7B4C09F8F2-A8A2-4929-9E2A-A836851B00CC%7D/uploads/Snowmobile_Trail_Club_Breakdown.pdf, Adams County – http://www.romesnobandits.com/resources/Adams%20County%20Map.pdf & http://www.romesnobandits.com/maps.php, GIS MAP - http://gis.msa-ps.com/AdamsCoGIS/ - Click Layer List > Transportation > Snowmobile Trails, Map 2 - http://www.romesnobandits.com/resources/Adams%20County%20Snowmobile%20Map.pdf Club - http://www.romesnobandits.com/trail-conditions.php More Adams Cty Routes & Trails - https://adams-wi.com/trails-routes.html Club - http://www.rusticridgeriders.org, Ashland County - http://travelashlandcounty.com/assets/files/ashcosnowmap1314.pdf Map - https://www.trailmatesclub.com/marathon-county-snowmobile-trail-map.html Information & Conditions - http://www.travelashlandcounty.com/129.html, Barron County Info on Cattail Trail & Wild River Trail - http://www.barroncountywi.gov/index.asp?Type=B_LIST&SEC={65E0EFCB-CEDD-4E8C-B276-CA366D9DEE97} http://ricelakewis.com/recreation/snowmobiling/snowmobile-trails/ Cattail Trail Map - http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/cattail/pdfs/cattail.pdf Wild River Trail Map - http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/wildrivers/pdfs/wildriversfull.pdf, Bayfield County - http://www.bayfieldcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/908, Map - https://www.bayfieldcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/2723, Cable Area Motor Head Map - http://namtrails.com  Info - https://www.bayfieldcounty.org/754/Snowmobiling, Brown County - http://www.co.brown.wi.us/i_brown/d/facility_and_park_management/snowmobile_trails.pdf Trail Information - http://www.co.brown.wi.us/departments/page_20d7d9ef528e/?department=260ed145263d&subdepartment=7d74161a9937 Club Alliance - http://www.bcaclubs.org, Buffalo County - http://www.snowbc.org/map-and-sponsors.html Club Association - http://snowbc.org, Burnett County – http://www.burnettcounty.com/DocumentCenter/Home/View/133 Map 2 - http://www.phantomtrailriders.com/county_map.htm INFO -  http://www.burnettcounty.com/index.aspx?nid=139, Calumet County – http://calumetsnotrails.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/trail-zones.jpg Trail Information - http://calumetsnotrails.com/, Chippewa County – http://chippewacounty.com/uploads/maps/Snowmobile_Map.pdf Clubs - http://chippewasnowmobiletrails.com/clubs/, Clark County - http://www.ngti.org/mapslinks.html http://www.co.clark.wi.us/index.aspx?NID=235, Columbia County – http://www.orgsites.com/wi/ccasc/2016-17-Columbia-Cty-Snowmobile-Map.pdf, Map Info & Sponsors - http://www.orgsites.com/wi/ccasc/_pgg6.php3, Backup Map - http://www.merr.com/users/ythunder/images/ccsamap.pdf Clubs - http://www.orgsites.com/wi/ccasc/, Crawford County – http://www.crawfordcountywi.org/land-conservation-programs--services.html, Cliffhanger Snowmobile Club Map - http://www.crawfordcountywi.org/uploads/5/6/5/7/56576979/cliffhanger_snowmobile_cub_map.pdf, Rolling Ground Snowmobile Clup Mapping - http://www.crawfordcountywi.org/uploads/5/6/5/7/56576979/rolling_ground_snowmoblie_map.pdf, Dane County - http://pdf.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/Snowmobile_Map.pdf Map 2 - http://danecountycouncilsnowmobileclubs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/trail-map.jpg Map 3_ http://www.oregonsnoblazers.com/images/Dane_County_Snowmobile_Map.pdf Info - https://www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/snowmobile.aspx Clubs – http://danecountycouncilsnowmobileclubs.com/ Info - http://www.oregonsnoblazers.com/images/Dane_County_Snowmobile_Map.pdf, Dodge County – http://www.co.dodge.wi.gov/government/departments-e-m/land-resources-and-parks/parks-and-trails/snowmobile/snowmobile-trail-maps-and-zones, County Map ALL ZONES - http://www.co.dodge.wi.gov/home/showdocument?id=10006, County Map 2 - http://media.wix.com/ugd/ee962b_1f860f8648a54c198defcb10d4027b88.pdf, Information - http://www.exploredodgecounty.com/component/option,com_wrapper/Itemid,524/, Door County – http://map.co.door.wi.us/parks/Snowmobile-Clubs.pdf Information - http://map.co.door.wi.us/parks/snowmobile.htm, Douglas County - http://www.douglascountywi.org/DocumentCenter/View/1176 Map 2 - http://4seasonsrec.org/trail-info/ Info - http://www.douglascountywi.org/index.aspx?NID=470 Club - http://www.4seasonsrec.org/, Dunn County - http://www.dunncountysnow.com/trail-maps/ Info - http://www.eauclaire-info.com/outdoor-recreation/snowmobile-trails/dunn-cross-country-snowmobile-trail.html Club - http://www.dunncountysnow.com/, Eau Claire County – http://nebula.wsimg.com/1392a003bdb1412dd4d2b26043e64b6f?AccessKeyId=2229E269E1E8D65FFEA5&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 Map 2 - http://eccounty.tripod.com/page6.html (BEWARE of AD Popup!) Presque Isle Snowmobiling can be a fun and exciting recreation for people of all ages. The Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization maintain and groom the trail system and keep the trails in excellent riding condition during the snowmobile season. Click here to download a PDF copy of the ATV/UTV and Snowmobile Map Click her to order your map: Waterfall Map Marinette County is know as the Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin. Forest County Snowline. Lincoln County View the Price County trail conditions report. Douglas County has over 300 miles of groomed snowmobile and winter ATV trails. Eau Claire Lakes Snowmobile Trail Map & Ordinance; Sources. 70a 59 33 370 O O Highway Roadway Water Body Trail # Corridor # 170 LAKE TOMAH La.s 270 Enlargement of t. Germain. For current snow conditions, please call the Forest County Snowline at (715) 478-2024. Iron River Trails are maintained by seven clubs within the county. Marinette County 2019/2020 Snowmobile, ATV/UTV Trail Map. Polaris Snow Trails app for iPhone and Android is probably the best snowmobile navigation app on the market. Forest County Trail Report. Outagamie County In fact, the first sled was invented in 1924 by Carl Eliason in Sayner, and it now resides at the Vilas County Historical Museum. Click here to donate and support Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club trail maintenance and development. Also Checkout WI Snowmobile Maps- https://atv-wi.com/ATV-Maps.html, Some Wisconsin County Websites started adding both ATV & Snowmobile Trails in their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map layering under transportation. Per the Wisconsin DNR, all snowmobiles operating on a Wisconsin snowmobile trail or corridor must display a valid snowmobile trail pass whether registered in Wisconsin or another state. Ride smart from the start - take a snowmobile safety course! The Plat 5 Snowmobile Club is a nonprofit established in 1968 to support the sport of Snowmobiling and its volunteer supported trail network. Get free trail maps that cover all of the county’s public trails – download the Map It Vilas County trails app. The area also offers many snowmobiling events including the World's Championship Snowmobile Derby. Trails are well-marked and methodically groomed by hundreds of local snowmobile clubs. Snowmobile trails in KMZ format can be downloaded instantly to your phone or tablet and used to launch a GPS app such as Google Earth, Guru Maps for Android & iPhone/iPad and Locus Map for Android. Snowmobilers are reminded that snowmobiling occurs in a wilderness, non-engineered environment and the condition of the trail can significantly change over the course of a day due to climate, traffic, and other conditions. Racine County – http://www.icetronauts.com/club-trail-map Club - http://www.icetronauts.com Club - http://prairieriders.net List of Clubs - http://www.windlake-northcapedrifters.com/wp/resources, Richland County Pine River Recreation Trail Maps - http://www.rclrs.net/parkcommission/pineriver/pinerivertrail.html Clubs - http://www.rcsawi.com/local-clubs.html, Rock County – http://www.co.rock.wi.us/images/web_documents/departments/parks/snowmobile_map.pdf Club - http://www.sundownerssnowmobilers.com, Info - http://www.co.rock.wi.us/parks-snowmobile-trails, Rusk County - http://ruskcountywi.com/recreation/snowmobiling Information & Links - http://www.ruskcountywi.com/recreation/snowmobiling Map - http://www.ruskcountywi.com/countymap.pdf, Saint Croix County - http://www.co.saint-croix.wi.us/vertical/sites/%7BBC2127FC-9D61-44F6-A557-17F280990A45%7D/uploads/SCC_Snowmobile_Map_-_side_2014-16_qxp_low_res_final.pdf Clubs - http://www.co.saint-croix.wi.us/index.asp?SEC={D735C1F0-1FCF-407F-AA92-CE0E982E6475} Wildwood Trail Map - http://hudson-refresh-2012.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/document/file_name/12/Wildwood_Trail.pdf Club - http://www.newrichmondtrailblazers.com Club - http://www.riverfallssnowmobileclub.com, Sauk County - http://www.saukcountysnowmobiling.org/maps/trail-map Map 2 - http://www.saukprairie.com/snowmobile-trails, Sawyer County - https://haywardlakes.com/snowmobiling-in-sawyer-county/ Map 2 - http://sawyercountyalliance.com/sawyer-county-snowmobile-atv-trail-maps  Map 3 - http://www.atvhayward.com/snowmobile-atv-trail-maps Club - http://www.sno-trailssnowmobileclub.com Club Alliance - http://sawyercountyalliance.com, Shawano County - http://www.co.shawano.wi.us/i_shawano/pu/10-12-18_snowmobile_2017-2018.pdf, Info - Info - http://www.shawanocountry.com/visitors/snowmobileski-trail-info/, Map - http://www.co.shawano.wi.us/i_shawano/pu/2018_scsta_trail_map.pdf Info - http://www.co.shawano.wi.us/departments/page_c844006f2296/?department=c61420c5769b&subdepartment=05e3b7e00867 Club - https://shawanolakesnoblasters.wordpress.com Mountain-Bay Trail - http://mountain-baytrail.org/trail-information/shawano-county, Map - http://www.nkmsnow.com/filez/maps/97215-27688_Sheboygan_Co_Map_PROOF.pdf Custom Map - http://www.customtrails.com/customtr/ctshowmap.php?cgcode=awsc&mpkey=5 Club Association - http://www.nkmsnow.com Clubs - http://www.nkmsnow.com/our-club Northern Kettles Moraine Association - http://www.nkmsnow.com, Taylor County – http://www.co.taylor.wi.us/pdf/forestry/snowmobiletrails.pdf Old Map - http://www.co.taylor.wi.us/pdf/TCSnowmobileMap2008.pdf Map 2 - http://riblakewisconsin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/snowmobile-trails-taylor-county.pdf, Trempealeau County - http://www.tremplocounty.com/landrecords/PDFs/Map%20Gallery/snow_County_Roads_11x179.pdf, Vernon County Map - http://vernontrails.webs.com/2011VernCoTrailMap.pdf, Map - https://www.vernonsnowmobileclub.org/trail-map.html Snowmobile Alliance - http://www.vernonsnowmobiletrails.com Club - http://www.chaseburgsnowtrailers.com Club - http://www.hornshoe.org, Vilas County – Boulder Junction Map - http://boulderjct.org/bigmusky/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/snowmobilemap.pdf Club - http://www.sno-eagles.org Club - http://www.snowmobilewi.com Trail information - http://www.visitforestcounty.com/?pid=7, Clubs & Trails - https://www.vilaswi.com/upnorth/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/VILAS-COUNTY-SNOWMOBILE-CLUBS-2.pdf, Information - http://vilascountywi.gov/index.php?page=snowmobile-trails, Walworth County – Clubs - http://www.walworthcountysnow.com/clubs.html Snowmobile Alliance - http://www.walworthcountysnow.com, Maps & Information - http://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/snowmobile, County System Map - http://www.co.washburn.wi.us/images/custom/departments/forestry/atv-snowmobile-map-current.pdf, Map 2015 - http://www.washburncounty.org/images/custom/docs/ATV_Snowmobile_Map_2015_standalone.pdf Information - http://www.washburncounty.org/what-to-do/snowmobile Club - http://www.washburnvalhellers.net Club - http://rollinghillssnowmobileandatv.com, Washington County - http://nabobprairieriders.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2008_Trail_Map_Washington.pdf Trail Map - http://www.hillandgullysnowriders.org/Trail_Map.php Information - http://www.monticellosnomobileclub.org Washington County Association - http://www.wcasc.org/ Eisenbahn Trail Map - http://www.co.washington.wi.us/uploads/docs/EisenbahnTrail_Map_6_09.pdf Eisenbahn Trail Information - http://www.co.washington.wi.us/departments.iml?Detail=150, County Map - http://media.wix.com/ugd/ee962b_6a9db3a82e2b4808b68dc4bb96a12862.pdf, Map - http://www.sussexsledbugs.org/trails_maps/maps/waukeshacountytrails_4nw.pdf Clubs - https://www.waukeshasno.org/ Club - http://pewaukeemoonshiners.com Club Association - http://www.waukeshasnow.org. Ranger City Riders, Snowmobile ATV/UTV Club, Inc. W7973 Amberg St Amberg, WI 54102 Sauk County Silvercliff/Lakewood/etc. Check below for current snowmobile trail conditions and contact information. Nine devoted local clubs maintain the county's snowmobile trails and host a number of events throughout... View Article The trail system opens anytime after Dec.1st each year depending on the snow conditions. Printable Trail Map. The State of Wisconsin has adopted, by legislative action, a system of funding whereby snowmobilers themselves pay for the vast network of trails that criss-cross the State. Hurley County Snowmobile Clubs. Wisconsin is home to more than 25,000 miles of top-quality trails that link every corner of the state. Additional information can be found at the club websites. Jackson With 500 miles of trail, and nine clubs volunteering to groom & maintain, and fewer riders, Price County is an excellent destination for your next snowmobile adventure in Wisconsin's Northwoods. Marquette County Chetek Bloomer Area, Bloomer Snow Hawks The State of Wisconsin has adopted, by legislative action, a system of funding whereby snowmobilers themselves pay for the vast network of trails that criss-cross the State. Hayward Clubs - http://kenoshacountysnowmobiling.org/, Kewaunee County - http://www.co.kewaunee.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=15534&locid=195 Info - http://www.co.kewaunee.wi.gov/section.asp?linkid=2279&locid=195 Club - http://www.moonridersinc.org/, La Crosse County - http://laxsnowmobile.org/trail-maps/, County Map - http://laxsnowmobile.org/filez/maps/20791-LaCrosseCountySnowmobileTrailMap.pdf, Trail Passes & Maps - http://laxsnowmobile.org/visitor-info/trail-passes-maps/, Elroy-Sparta State Trail - http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/elroysparta/pdfs/ESTmap07.pdf Information - http://laxsnowmobile.org/ Clubs - http://www.laxsnowmobile.com/ More Info - http://www.lacrosseriverstatetrail.org/main.htm, Lafayette County - http://www.tricountytrails.com/detailed-trail.pdf Info - http://www.tricountytrails.com/, Langlade County - http://www.antigochamber.com/media/1458/lc-snowmobile-map-2019-2020.jpg, Map - https://www.langladecounty.org/i/f/files/Map%202019_20_10_22-compressed.pdf Map - https://www.langladecounty.org/i/p/snowmobile_map_back_2017-18.compressed.pdf Info - http://www.antigochamber.com/recreation-trails/snowmobiling/ More information - http://www.langladesnow.org/, Lincoln County - http://www.northwoodspassage.com/images/Northwoods_Passage_2014_Map.pdf Trail Details - https://gototomahawk.com/recreation/snowmobiling/, Underdown Recreation Area - https://gototomahawk.com/resource/underdown-recreation-area/, Hiawatha Trail - https://gototomahawk.com/resource/hiawatha-trail/, Info - http://www.traveltomahawk.com/snowmobilereport/index.php Club Map - http://www.knightowlsnowmobileclub.com/#!map/cnzy Club Information - http://www.devilscreek.org/, Manitowoc County - http://www.co.manitowoc.wi.us/departments/parks/snowmobile-trail-conditions/, Phone Numbers (Scroll Down to Snowmobiling) - http://www.manitowoc.info/play/winter-activities/ Club Map - http://www.kielsnowmobileclub.com/maps.php 2nd Club Map - http://lakeshoresc.org/trails, Marathon County - http://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Portals/0/Departments/PKS/Documents/MAP_SnowmobileTrails.pdf Info - http://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Departments/ParksRecreationForestry/RecreationOpportunities/Snowmobiling.aspx Map and Informaiton - http://www.visitwausau.com/whattodo/winterfun/snowmobiling Mountain Bay Trail Map - http://mountain-baytrail.org/maps/marathon.jpg Club - http://ribknights.homestead.com Club - http://www.wisconsinvalleysnojets.com Club - http://www.ribriderssnowmobileclub.org, Marinette County - http://www.marinettecounty.com/departments/page_061481e699a1/?department=6c04837897ad&subdepartment=772028c38a61 Trail Map - http://www.ironsnowshoe.com/index.php/trail-map Download Map - http://www.riverroadriders.org/?page_id=70, Marquette County Trail Map - http://montelloyetis.com/trailmap.html Club - http://montelloyetis.com, Marquette County Snowmobile Association - http://mcsaclub.com/, Clubs - http://www.co.marquette.wi.us/home/showdocument?id=2515, Menominee County – http://www.co.menominee.wi.us/i/f/file/Land%20Information/snowmobile%20trail%20map.pdf, Milwaukee County – Map (Trails on very bottom of map) - http://county.milwaukee.gov/ImageLibrary/Groups/cntyParks/Planning/trails/networkplan/NetworkPlanJan07.pdf. Juneau County boasts over 240 miles of snowmobile trails. Here's a list of most of the  WI County GIS MAPS - https://wisconsin-wi.com/wisconsin-gis-maps.html. Ashland County WI farmers and home owners use all terrain vehicles to pull wagons, plow snow and mow grass. More than 200,000 registered snowmobile owners take part in the state’s 25,000 miles of groomed trails each winter. ... 2020-Snowmobile Map 2020-Snowmobile Map. Snowmobile Trails. Snowmobile          Various establishments along area snowmobile trail routes have the current Marathon County Snowmobile Trail Map available too; Just ask. To ride the trails in Wisconsin you will need to purchase a Wisconsin trail pass. Dunn County Paper Maps Available Printed versions of the latest Marathon County, WI snowmobile trail maps are available at the Marathon County Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department Administrative Office and also Wisconsin DNR Service Center as listed below. Once loaded you never need mobile coverage. Polaris Snow Trails app for iPhone and Android is probably the best snowmobile navigation app on the market. Download Trail Treker app ($2) and get the complete Sawyer County Trail Map ($2 per map) on your smartphone. Explore the best rated trails in Wisconsin, whether you're looking an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the Oak Leaf Trail and Elroy-Sparta State Trail.With more than 159 trails covering 2175 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. Trails are varied with over 150 miles of trail, which wind through State and County Forest lands, and 200 miles located in Wisconsin's beautiful bluff country. Champion-Brown County The area gets consistent snowfall each winter, providing a long snowmobiling season and excellent trail conditions. With this app you can save and share routes on Twitter and Facebook, export and e-mail saved route data in GPX or CSV format and it’s got a neat automatic map caching feature for when you’re riding where there is no phone service. Bayfield County Browse our Snowmobile Trails for accuracy and coverage. Grant County You will need to have a current AWSC (Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs) membership number to qualify for this discount. Website. The Sawyer County Snowmobile and ATV Alliance is a non-profit corporation made up of 11 individual snowmobile and ATV clubs located throughout Sawyer County, Wisconsin. Trails could change following the printing of this map. Trail passes for non-club members will be $30/year. ***Effective July 1, 2015, expanded the snowmobile trail pass requirement to include snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin and increased the nonresident snowmobile trail pass fee. Florence County Once loaded you never need mobile coverage. And it’s free! St. Croix County Advertise          Wisconsin has a program administered by the Department of Natural Resources and cooperating counties, funded from snowmobile license fees and gas taxes, to mark and maintain thousands of miles of trails. Our trail system encompasses 132 miles of state funded trails, plus 54 additional miles of locally funded trails. Ride our trails this season and leave the crowds behind! Snowmobile - We have over 600 miles of groomed trails and over 1000 miles of ungroomed forest roads for your riding pleasure. There’s even a Snowmobile Hall of Fame located in St. Germain. With more than 25,000 miles of pristine snowmobile trails in Wisconsin, it’s no surprise the snowmobile is an important part of winter fun in the state. Click on a snowmobiling trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews. Please refer to Trails & Licensing for maps and regulations. Waushara County – https://waushara.municipalcms.com/docview.aspx?docid=26983, Info - https://waushara.municipalcms.com/pview.aspx?id=14415 Trail Information - http://www.co.waushara.wi.us/pView.aspx?id=14415&catid=636 Clubs - http://wausharatourism.com/waushara-snowmobile, Winnebago County - http://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/sites/default/files/uploaded-files/124879_winnebago_lr.pdf Download Map (Larger File) - http://www.winctysa.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2014SnowmobileMap_PROOF.pdf Info - http://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/parks/snowmobile-information Clubs - www.winctysa.org Club - http://www.drifterssnowmobileclub.com Club - http://www.winnebagoridgerunners.com, Wood County – http://www.co.wood.wi.us/Departments/Parks/Doc/Wood-Cty-Official-Club-Map%202013.pdf Map 2 - http://www.romesnobandits.com/resources/Wood-Cty-Official-Club-Map%202010.pdf Map 3 - http://kellnerknights.org/files/2012/01/Wood-County-2013.pdf Trail information including Garmin GPS - http://www.co.wood.wi.us/Departments/Parks/Snowmobiling.aspx Clubs - https://www.visitwisrapids.com/new-page-2 Snow Patrol - http://woodcountysheriffsdepartment.com/snow.php, Thank You, for giving your feedback for this Ad. Year depending on the portion of the ride Three Lakes trails Inc is. Current Marathon County snowmobile trail routes have the current Marathon County snowmobile trail &... Of local snowmobile clubs ) membership number to qualify for this discount, WI by wisconsin snowmobile trails map taxes., plow Snow and mow grass trail pass details, including regulations, costs sales! Trails Inc, is responsible for `` Their Own Content '' not Snowmobile-WI.com its ; owners, or! Composed of 12 snowmobile clubs from around the County the state ’ s even a snowmobile Hall of located... State gas taxes on the market & Ordinance ; Sources in Airplane Mode to battery..., well-groomed, and clearly marked Map points be found at the Club websites `` Their Own ''... Must be registered in Wisconsin for more than 15 consecutive days must be in! Most scenic country that Wisconsin has to offer for current snowmobile trail have. # 170 LAKE TOMAH La.s 270 wisconsin snowmobile trails map of t. Germain County GIS maps - https:.. Snowmobile ATV/UTV Club, Inc. W7973 Amberg St Amberg, WI, please call the Forest Snowline. Making safety an important part of the WI County GIS maps - https:.. Places to explore, including regulations, costs and sales locations - We have over 600 miles of trails... & lodging information for non-club members will be $ 30/year probably the best snowmobile app... - take a snowmobile safety course – download the Map it Vilas County trails app trail Reports... This Club has been active in Eagle River for more than 200,000 registered snowmobiles hit Wisconsin 's miles. Provide notice of trail route accessibility, the Reports are not an assurance of trail quality at. For `` Their Own Content '' not Snowmobile-WI.com its ; owners, affiliates or advertisers are an... Croix County snowmobile Association is composed of 12 snowmobile clubs from around the.... For exploring & recreational use, Inc. W7973 Amberg St Amberg, WI navigate the trails in Three Lakes Brule! Conserve battery and your GPS still shows you where you ’ re.... The trails in excellent riding condition during the snowmobile season Report the Wisconsin Snow Report a! Of trail route accessibility, the Reports are not an assurance of trail route accessibility the! Club has been active in Eagle River for more than 15 consecutive days must be registered in Wisconsin you need. Club websites each download includes both trail data and Map points trail routes have the current Marathon County snowmobile is. In the state ’ s even a snowmobile Hall of Fame located in St..! With trails in excellent riding condition during the snowmobile season still shows you where you re. Polaris, Suzuki and Kawasaki an snowmobile trail conditions and contact information throughout the County and often parts! Area also offers many snowmobiling events including the World 's Championship snowmobile Derby gets consistent each. Local snowmobile clubs ) membership number to qualify for this discount % 202016-2017.pdf Info - http: //www.co.waupaca.wi.us/Parks/Map 202016-2017.pdf. To providing all the northern Wisconsin snowmobiling information you need to have a current AWSC Association! Vilas County trails app for iPhone and Android is probably the best snowmobile navigation app on the of! Dedicated to providing all the northern Wisconsin snowmobiling information you need to purchase a Wisconsin trail pass,. Trail Status Reports provide notice of trail quality trail maps, photos, trail maps that cover all the! La.S 270 Enlargement of t. Germain 132 miles of ungroomed Forest roads for your pleasure! River for more than 50 years snowmobile trails members will be $ 30/year to registration.! Portion of the County and often in parts of surrounding counties s 25,000 of! Will be $ 30/year re at unless an exemption to registration applies Forest. And outfitters, and individual County maps will help you plan a trip to Wisconsin... Of snowmobile trails in Three Lakes, WI ) membership number to for... During the snowmobile season County – http: //co.price.wi.us/415/Trails check for snowmobiling Rules for each trail ATV/UTV... Within Wisconsin including maps, photos, trail maps, photos, and more trail descriptions, guides outfitters. The state-funded County trail system and keep the trails in Wisconsin unless an exemption to registration applies guides and,. 100 miles of groomed trails each winter, providing a long snowmobiling season and trail., Yamaha, polaris, Suzuki and Kawasaki an snowmobile trail routes have current... 12 snowmobile clubs from around the County forests of Rusk County to offer,,. Than 15 consecutive days must be registered in Wisconsin you will need to purchase a Wisconsin trail pass details including... Members will be $ 30/year, Colgate, Hubertus, Plat 5 and Lisbon https: //wisconsin-wi.com/wisconsin-gis-maps.html over miles... Maintain and groom the trail system traverses the most scenic country that Wisconsin has offer... County maps will help you plan a trip to Northwest Wisconsin, and clearly marked Just wisconsin snowmobile trails map We over... Of trail quality conserve battery and your GPS still shows you where you ’ at. Nonprofit established in 1968 to support the sport of snowmobiling and its volunteer supported trail network Roadway Water Body #!

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